100,000 Americans immigrated to Australia!

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At least 250,000 Americans flocked to the official immigration websites of Australia and New Zealand to inquire whether they are eligible to immigrate to Australia and New Zealand.

Health Issues Promote U.S. Citizens’ Immigrant Emotion

Compared with the United States, Australia and New Zealand have low rates of infection and mortality from new coronary pneumonia.

These two countries are obviously ideal immigration destinations for many Americans. When it comes to the reasons why Americans want to immigrate to Australia and New Zealand, two factors must be mentioned!

The US government’s inability to deal with public health challenges like Covid-19, coupled with civil unrest

The two developed countries in Oceania are considered to be calm, orderly, and attractive countries, and they have handled the epidemic very well.

The enthusiasm for immigrants of American citizens reflects the failure of American politics and the public medical system and the disillusionment of President Trump’s leadership.

Every 30 seconds, 1 user clicks on the immigration network

Last month, the number of Americans visiting Immigration New Zealand increased by 112,800 over the same period last year ! An increase of 160%!

The person in charge of the Immigration Bureau website stated.This is equivalent to one American user clicking on the website every 30 seconds.

The middle class and professionals in the United States where the new crown pneumonia is still raging should be thinking.

Where should we go for the safety of ourselves and our families?

Now the United States is also a besieged city. People outside want to go in, but people inside want to come out. Thousands of American citizens give up their American citizenship every year. Under the new crown epidemic, the United States lost more than 2,900 nationals in the first quarter alone.

Speaking of the countries that American citizens want to go to, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have become the top choices. Currently, the number of immigrants from the United States to Australians has reached 100,000!

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Wealthy old people in Europe and America are eyeing Australia for permanent residence

Adam Creighton, economic editor of The Australian, believes, Australia will become a destination for wealthy elderly people around the world

“Wealthy seniors in Europe and North America may be prepared to pay a huge down payment of millions of Australian dollars-enough to cover their medical expenses or more-to obtain a permanent visa to Australia.”

Australia will begin to welcome a certain number of international students to enter in September, and the federal government is keen to revive the education industry. In the face of the United Kingdom and the United States, which are severely affected by COVID-19, Australia will be more attractive.

Australia’s global business status will be improved due to the epidemic

As Australia gets rid of the new crown virus months earlier than most countries in the world, the country’s exports may increase significantly! The epidemic is still raging in Europe, North America and developing countries, and the supply chain is in chaos. Australia can be regarded as a lifeline.

Experts predict that the demand for Australian products in overseas markets will soar. Overseas buyers have begun to snap up Australian properties, and international students will soon return to the university in droves.

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Australian Prime Minister Morrison said Australia is a trustworthy country. In this very uncertain period, the Australian market is a good choice.

University of New South Wales scholar and former Australian economist Tim Harcourt also believes that early victory over the new crown virus will bring good news to manufacturers.

He said Compared with other countries, defeating the new crown virus early will make us more attractive to international trading partners! Agriculture, spirits, high-quality food, medical equipment and manufacturing all have great opportunities.

He said that international tourism may have decreased, but exports may be a real opportunity to help these areas recover.

Australia is known for high-quality and safe products in Asia, which has led to Daigou to buy infant formula and other products to sell to overseas buyers.

The epidemic also brings opportunities

People all over the world yearn for a place with relatively stable, safe and well-developed medical standards, and Australia’s “anti-epidemic” results will bring the eyes of immigrants here again.

Australia’s immigration policy has been tight for ten years and loosened every ten years. As a traditional country for studying abroad and immigration, international students and new immigrants are also important supports for the Australian economy.

In order to protect the economy, Australia not only cannot do without immigration, but also relies on immigration to develop vigorously. For all friends who intend to emigrate, this is probably a rare opportunity in ten years.

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