2 famous lies in the history of the world

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There are many strategies that emphasize that it is difficult to distinguish between true, false, false, true, true, and false. In fact, this tactic is not only used in strategy, but also in the international community. In order to achieve the desired effect, it will confuse the enemy at any cost. In sight, there were such two stories about deception in the United States at the time. They were very famous, but they were actually fictional. Even now, some people can’t distinguish them and fall into the vortex inside.

According to the famous Star Wars plan proposed by President Ronald at the time, it was one of the lies. In the latter part of the Cold War, due to the international situation at the time, the country’s nuclear attack power and missile defense capabilities were not as good as those of the Soviet Union. Therefore, they feared that this balanced “nuclear” advantage might be broken. Missile system.

In 1983, President Reagan announced a famous TV speech, the Strategic Defense Initiative, to many viewers in front of TV and even the world including the Soviet Union. In it, Reagan mentioned that the country would invest one trillion in funds. Research on key technologies and verifiable possible solutions in advanced anti-missile systems, including space-based directed energy weapons, such as hydrogen fluoride chemical lasers, X-ray lasers, neutral particle beam weapons, and kinetic energy weapons.

It sounds unstoppable and invincible, but decades have passed, and most of these devices are still in the experimental stage or even obsolete. What is the concept of a trillion dollars? We must know that the world’s losses during World War II were only around 5 trillion. At that time, the Soviet Union actually believed it to be true. They really went to detect the authenticity of this information, and at the same time stepped up production and construction of various preventive space measures with lightning speed.

However, the results of the enemy’s performance were not satisfactory. The planned projects in Star Wars have not been completed until now, such as “X-30” and “X-33”. Some projects have even decided to extend indefinitely or simply terminate research and development. In the 1990s, the Soviet Union officially announced its disintegration, which made the Chinese people happy and immediately announced the termination of the “Star Wars” program.

With the exposure of the Cold War declassified documents of the Intelligence Agency, people realized that this was a complete scam whose purpose was to bring down the weak economy of the Soviet Union. But there is also no shortage of people who firmly believe in the existence of this project, and believe that they must have been put into practice. The reason for the stagnation is only the disintegration of the Soviet Union and it is no longer necessary. The second lie is the famous “American moon landing theory.”

From 1961 to 1972, a total of 11 years, the famous Apollo project conducted 6 moon landing surveys, costing 25.5 billion U.S. dollars. However, after the Apollo landing on the moon, there is a popular rumor among the people, that is, landing The monthly plan was a complete scam, just to confuse the Soviet Union at that time. This view was highly praised by many people at the time. For example, they believed that the photos of Apollo landing on the moon were purely fake photos and were not sufficient to prove the authenticity of the incident.

The reason is that the Stars and Stripes after landing on the moon. At that time, the incident angle of sunlight was nearly 30 degrees, and the shadow angle in the photo should not be available until 46 hours after “taking the first step.” The video is forged and was taken on the earth, because the astronaut’s jumping action on the surface of the moon produces a height that is very similar to the height of the jump on the earth, which violates the characteristics of walking on the surface of the moon, and Apo The rate of progress of Project Luo is also very suspicious.

It was not until January 1967 that the first “Saturn V” was developed, and the first launch test was conducted on January 27. It was a fantasy that it could land on the moon two months later. These rumors are very popular among people among countries, but in the Soviet Union, they have never said anything. But this rumor is simply not enough. First, the Apollo project was broadcast live around the world at that time and nearly 100 million people saw it with their own eyes.

Second, the astronauts also brought back some physical objects from the moon, such as rocks, falsely claiming that the cost of fabricating them was too great, and no one would take such a big risk. Once exposed, it will be ruined and it will be difficult to win the trust of the international community. For this reason, Armstrong, the astronaut who landed on the moon, publicly stated that your moon belongs to all mankind, which irritated the upper management at that time. Because these remarks were very detrimental to its position during the Cold War and the needs of future colonization. Up to now, the market is still full of various remarks, and it has also aroused suspicion and speculation from people from all walks of life. For a while, opinions differ, but things are different. The authenticity still needs to be verified by the country concerned in person to convince those rumors.

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