6 different types of push-ups

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Type 1: Standard push-ups, hands and arms should be shoulder-width apart. In this way, the entire chest can be exercised, and no muscles will bulge out in particular.

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Type 2: Wide-pitch push-ups. The distance between your hands is 8–10 cm longer than that of standard push-ups. This action mainly exercises the upper part of the chest muscles, and the triceps exercises are relatively small.

Type 3: Wide distance between hands and shoulder push-ups

Type 4: Narrow-distance (elbow-clamping) push-ups, pay attention to elbows as close to the body as possible.

Type 5 : high-five push-ups, this action is similar to high-five push-ups, after bending down to hit the ground forcefully.

Type 6: crocodile push-ups, some people say this is bear push-ups. When doing this push-up, the hands and feet will imitate the posture of a crocodile and crawl forward.

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