6nm graphics card outsourced to TSMC? Intel responded

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Intel CEO Creebo mentioned in the financial report meeting that before taking into account the outsourcing of Intel chips to a part of the foundry, Intel is not eager to outsource these things, and there is no definite partner.

Intel also held System Architecture Day in Taiwan a few days ago. Hsinchu Science Office and General Manager Xie Chengru also responded to news about management outsourcing in an interview with us.

Shoe Chengru mentioned that after outsourcing, if Intel can have good complementary, Intel can use external solutions to improve product competitiveness. Intel’s own software, infrastructure and security integration provide customers with the most competitive product.

As for which chips will be outsourced, Xie Chengru is still playing mystery, emphasizing that Intel’s product line is very broad and it has strong production technology. Many companies’ products are designed and manufactured by Intel factories. Intel’s goal is to find the most competitive products in the market. The best solution to China, whether it is for internal management or an external one, requires comprehensive development and evaluation of project cost, yield, and production demand elasticity.

Some media asked whether Intel chose TSMC as its contract partner. Xie Chengru did not respond positively. He only said that there are many wafer manufacturers and Intel will consider the advantages of different manufacturers.

In general, Intel is still holding a wait-and-see attitude towards offshore outsourcing, evaluating the pros and cons of different vendors to see what is best for it, especially, it needs to supplement Intel’s own products

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