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Digital Nomad
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Recently Musk show increased concern for greenhouse gas emissions, every digital currency, financial applications, and communication vehicles across the globe generating so much carbon emission, but cryptocurrencies take the blame for the anti-environment. It is true that Bitcoin’s power consumption is indeed a big problem, due to the popularity and success of crypto-based systems, many countries competing for mining and consuming more electricity if the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to rise ultimately the use of electricity will increase in the future.

Musk is not only the opponent but the Bill Gates who said the “Bitcoin consumes more…

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Inflation worries everyone, it disrupts the market and the main concern of monetary policy, when US inflation concerns raised, the global stock markets declined, Asian markets followed the US stocks, the inflation data at May 12 triggered a sharp decline in the US markets. According to Fed Vice Chairman Clarida “The biggest disaster in the financial market is coming”, the US Treasury Secretary Summers previously issued an inflation warning, he stated that the US economy facing the risk of overheating rather than excessive weakness and urging the government to respond and slow down the aid funds, the strengthening of the…

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Dogecoin (DOGE) has grown by 25,000% in the past year, now become the third top cryptocurrency has a market value of 87 billion, due to the great reputation, it has grown wildly, unlike Bitcoin it is not expensive, everyone can afford it, you do not need to invest thousands of dollars just like in Bitcoin, I never guarantee the huge profit from Dogecoin but rather you get a fair amount of profit from the Dogecoin

Dogecoin’s cumulative value increased by 14,000%, to outperform many types of investment methods and cryptocurrencies, after continuous growth many other cryptocurrencies users joined the Dogecoin

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Bitcoin is a P2P currency and its creator Satoshi Nakamoto develops this solution due to the failure of the traditional financial system, its soaring prices attracted technology-savvy audiences as well as ordinary people.

Bitcoin Momentum

In last year summer, gold reaches US$2,000 per ounce, at the same time Bitcoin gained momentum, and now its market value equal to $1 trillion, today gold price stable between US$1,700 and US$1,800, the total market value of gold is $10 trillion, due to traditional currency high inflation institutional investors and large companies have turned to Bitcoin rather than gold, many predict that sooner or later Bitcoin…

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The current market of cryptocurrencies is hot, congested by investors but hides many risks, the increased money flows into the crypto market disrupts the sectors of the real economy, the financial innovation, and technological enhancements bring growth, value, and return to the financial world, behind excess returns the chance of getting trap by Ponzi scheme is imminent, the cryptocurrency market is fragile and highly volatile and even without government endorsement, in fact, the possibility of getting high yields is increasing constantly, major cryptocurrencies are often impacted with each other when one falls the other coins also take the same path.


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Investment in the encrypted world requires knowledge, skills, and courage to beat peers in intelligence, the good understanding of crypto assets and comparison of dealers and institutions is necessary, as individual investors you can't find each and everything about the future of the crypto asset and never beat the complete team.

Bitcoin Sideways

After Bitcoin reached the maximum level of market acceptance and going sideways new digital currencies emerged like mushrooms, one by one, many analysts, experts, and coin specialist start speculating on those mushrooms currencies, many suspicious agents in the crypto market puling the unknown currencies several times in order to…

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The crazy cryptocurrencies market is in a bull state, the currencies such as Bitcoin is too expensive for investment and to obtain the 100% profit from them is beyond the limits of normal investment, Bitcoin already acquired the position of Digital gold in recent days, the giant capital players gradually restricting the use of Bitcoin due to two major factors, first one is the Bitcoin resemblance with the traditional gold and the second one is, Bitcoin is less likely profitable, those who missed the opportunity to earn a lot from Bitcoin eager to move their funds into other altcoins like…

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A blockchain is simply the distributed accounting system, that maintained by heterogeneous miners spreading across the globe, anyone in the world can read and write the transactions but in order to successfully save on the blockchain the 51% consensus agreement between miners must be achieved, a blockchain lies into three categories, public, private and hybrid.

Whenever a record or a new block add to the blockchain a minimum reward has been giving to the corresponding miner, these rewards are fees against the bookkeeping of the blockchain

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT)

It is a very simple concept in the crypto world, in theory, if a…

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Every blockchain in this world must contain a consensus mechanism. Still, it is not necessary for every blockchain to possess its own currency. However, the maintenance and bookkeeping of the blockchain, its distributed property that makes it immutable, authentic, and credible, and the introduction of new users that trust in the blockchain are all required in making the chain more valuable.

The blockchain always streamlined with the process of continuous mining; without the process of mining, the chain can no longer expand but remains at the same length. In a blockchain, there are two types of nodes; one is for…

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No Regulation

Due to the non-existence of government regulation and endorsement, the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies seen on media every day, one day some famous coins soared by 5000% and other famous coins plummet like a waterfall, the law and regulation enforce the rights of people, save against the theft and the fraud, it is recommended not to put all the savings into the crypto assets because the investment in crypto is risky, you have to prepare yourself after investing in crypto because one day your asset value returns to zero.


The major coins in the crypto world are Bitcoin, Ethereum…

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