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Artificial intelligence achieves great strength for enterprises, provides competitive opportunities, reduces obstacles, and unleashes huge business growth. The advantages of using artificial intelligence in the enterprise are so wide that many companies get incredible growth in the last few years. Netflix’s and Amazon’s recommendation engine generating massive revenue in recent years, but Netflix and Amazon are not alone with artificial intelligence support, there are many more AI startups with more advance and robust artificial intelligence models.

The rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence generates many advances in the field of automobiles, manufacturing, services, education and improves enterprises' productivity…

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Due to technological progress and computing power our society get transformed to more managed and secured, our financial applications, economic solutions, and the way we conduct business is becoming more robust and in rapid transitions, previously we have problems judging the actual supply and demand but with exclusive computing power, we have not such problem yet.

When our society faces a new challenge our intellectuals come with a dynamic solution, and one of them is “blockchain”. It is the technology that evolves from our last failure, blockchain keeps a full history of all transactions, due to its usage and continuous…

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Data lake win the competition and maintain its big role in the big data era, data lake creates enormous value for the data, emphasized, and ensured the authenticity and accuracy of the data.

The mission of the data lake is real-time and accurate analytics, the data lake always formed by the reconciliation concerns and the daily operational data, data from transactional systems must be extracted, transformed, and loaded into the consolidated state to perform high analytical queries

Traditionally many enterprises build data warehouses for handling the large volume of data but the data they handle came from structure sources like…

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The job of the data analyst is highly paid but a challenging one, definitely this job does not depend on the easy task and doing some simple work, but on daily and weekly reports, guided by the leaders, navigating databases and extract the conditional reports, many things in day-to-day operations, some of them are negligible and some of them needs high attention.

If one does not understand the business domain, one never extract the essential knowledge from the database, in order to gain knowledge one needs to figure out that how the business operations happened, the business usually makes money…

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At present, artificial intelligence has an important part in our life. Our favorite PDAs, devices, and mobile phones all are connected with smart algorithms. There are many manufacturing industries that have lacked proper industrial intelligence, they need to transform but never find the appropriate model. Industrial intelligence is key in terms of expansion, growth, and quality of the products which they keen to manufacture consumer electronics, automobiles, metallurgy, chemical, and other industries in need of AI models that will accelerate their day-to-day business operations.

Face recognition, vehicle recognition, criminal recognition in the crowd, faulty parts detection, body scanning, retinopathy of…

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Today every business is constantly driven by data, whatever the business type retail, manufacturing, or services the core is data, the data, and the model will lead to optimization and efficiency of business processes.

Big data, Artificial intelligence machine learning, and its applications confused many developers to focus only on algorithms alone and leave other steps of the application not important for the whole development period, there are some types of applications where the project success relies only on the algorithms, but they have a very low-reliability requirement, vividly speaking those project relying only on algorithms never succeed in real-life…

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Whatever currency you may have has four major functions, the scale of the value, payment medium, value storage medium, and exchange medium. The four attributes have a link with the following example

“On May 22, 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz, a resident of Florida bought two pizzas with 10,000 Bitcoins”

The scale and the value of the currency are recognized by the circulation of wealth in society, the number of entities drives the value of a currency against the equilibrium with societal wealth. The value of a currency not lies with its physical or virtual existence but lies with other equity objects…

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In our modern world, the use of currency is to meet the social wealth exchange and has respected as the measuring values against the exchanged objects. The currency initially started as a liquid object that has attributes as value grades, stable quality, small in size, and easy to carry.

Currency actual values relied on an understanding of society as an exchange medium, the trust of the population, and the broad consensus on wealth, value, measurement all make currency an effective exchange economic entity.

The need for transactions, social-economic development, and ever-increasing requirements for an exchange medium created many uniform currency…

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The vision of a data analyst build on the strong foundation of predictions, industry trends, and suggestions for overall strategy formulation, he needs to study the strategy as the goal, build a data analysis system in such a way that he establish data thinking within the organization to promote the organization’s data landing and data implementation.

As the data expert, he uses data to make the organization better and more in line with the expectations of well-wishers of the organization, as a data analyst, he has to focus on segments of business for improving the internal departmental sub-processes.

The data…

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Big data and its applications now the focus of many novice programmers but due to insufficient knowledge they can't distinguish the two very important big data applications

  1. Hive
  2. HBase

Hadoop is the center of big data applications, used for data warehouse, data analysis, and query, but due to Hadoop limitations, it is not suitable to use Hadoop’s MapReduce for lightweight calculations, because MapReduce itself is designed to run only for big data-related calculations.

The steps in data calculation, the overall process of summarization, and the accumulated data of the process must be written to the HDFS file system therefore a…

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