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Many people know that the upgrade from SAP ECC (now SAP generally calls it SAP ERP) to SAP S/4HANA started with the simplification of many back-end tables. For example, in the financial field, there is integration of FI and CO. Universal Journal Table-ACDOCA, there is also Table MATDOC in the logistics field.

However, in addition to the difference in the back-end data structure, in the early version of SAP S/4HANA, for users who directly use the system, the difference in front-end operations is not obvious. Even many consultants can’t tell the difference between SAP S/4HANA and SAP ECC.

If you look carefully at the legend in the lower right corner, you can see that SAP also divides these new functions into several categories.

Realtime Insight This is mainly because the underlying database is the speed increase brought by HANA.

Embedded in S/4HANA (Embedded in S/4HANA) For example, Central Procurement is actually integrating the functions of the previous SRM into S/4HANA. Customer Management refers to the integration of CRM functions into S/4HANA.

New features (New Business) such as Predictive MRP, New Financial Closing, etc.

AI Scenario, some functions based on technologies such as machine learning and image recognition. For example , the GR/IR Monitor I shared in the article “ smart sap“ belongs to this category.

Integration (Integration), All other SAP products you see in the above picture, such as SF, Ariba, IBP, etc., SAP provides a standard integration solution, so that users can not spend a lot of additional costs in SAP internal products Integration.

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