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It has been more than ten years since the development of car navigation products. After more than ten years of development, it seems that great changes have taken place. In fact, there have not been great changes. The only changes exist in navigation products from the early WINCE system. Transition to the Android system, from the early independent map card to the online map, from the dedicated car to the versatile large screen. It seems that a lot of changes have taken place, but in reality, we are planning our driving route in a plane based on map resources.

But today, navigation products are ushering in a real change. It subverts our understanding of traditional navigation and changes our navigation method. With a brand-new concept and new technology, we bring our driving life into A brand new stage, this is the AR real-time visual navigation.

AR·Real Scene Navigation

No navigation guidance

How to reach the heart’s direction

Lingdu A958 AR Live Navigation

Immersive experience, what you see is where you are

Wisdom pilot, worry-free travel

Path guidance that fits the road

Stereoscopic arrow tips at turning points are always online

Perfect integration of navigation path and environment

In the current uninterrupted technology travel

No matter how far away

Lingdu A958 AR Live Navigation

Help you reach easily

In the current chaos in the vehicle-mounted large-screen industry, we believe that not only companies, but also distributors need a product like this to change the status quo of the industry. AR real-world navigation streaming media cloud mirrors will surely open up a new “view of navigation”. “The car will definitely win from now on!

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