AI beats humans once again: Identify a person’s personality with only a selfie photo

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A new study shows that artificial intelligence (AI) can once again defeat humans in the matter of “identifying a person’s personality with only a selfie photo”. Compared with humans, machines can better identify a feature and determine the personality traits of different species by analyzing the faces of people. It is reported that the Russian research team has developed a new AI that has advantages over humans and other competitive solutions.

Hierarchical architecture of computer vision neural network (NNCV) and personality diagnosis neural network (NNPD).

It is reported that this study aims to analyze the five personality traits of the target person (extroverted, nervous, helpful, outspoken, responsible) The study involved approximately 12,000 volunteers and 31,000 selfies. In addition to providing selfies, volunteers were also asked to fill out a personality questionnaire.

It was found that when analyzing different selfies of the same person, AI will give consistent personality judgments. In addition, compared with men, AI is more accurate in evaluating female selfies. In the end, the AI’s assessment accuracy is “above average” and its overall performance is better than human volunteers.

The researchers explained that this AI machine has many potential uses. For example, the advertising industry can use this to select models that are more in line with product characteristics and more popular with consumers.

Details of this research have been published in the journal Scientific Reports recently published.

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