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Nowadays, there are more and more smart phone brands, and the current smart phone market has reached a saturated state.

The competitiveness is very high. Nowadays, smartphones are divided into two groups, one is ios phones and the other is Android phones. The sum of these two systems’ smartphones has almost reached a “monopoly” status, with a market share of up to 99%. Nowadays, when people buy mobile phones, they usually pay attention to the durability and performance of the mobile phone. So which one of the ios mobile phones and Android phones will have a longer lifespan?

Let me talk about the characteristics of these two systems first. The biggest feature of the ios system is its security and fluency. Presumably users who have used ios phones know that the security of Apple phones is very high, and it is impossible to cause information leakage. The problem, on the other hand, Android phones are characterized by high openness and freedom. However, Android phones also reduce the safety factor because of the high openness of their systems.

In terms of lifespan, the gap between the two is also very large. According to the analysis of overseas analysts, the average lifespan of mobile phones can be as long as 3.7 years, while the average lifespan of Android phones can only be maintained at about 1.6 years. The difference in average life expectancy is really very big, the difference is more than twice the life span. No wonder the price difference between the two is also very far apart. I have to say “one price, one price”, so why is there such a big gap in the evaluation life of the two?

The big reason is that the degree of openness of the two is different. Everyone knows that ios is exclusive to Apple. Only Apple mobile phones can use the system, so the control will be stricter when downloading software. And the control of Android phones has been reduced. When downloading and installing application software on Android phones, there are simply a variety of things. You can download them at will, and sometimes you can download them from unfamiliar websites. There will be more and more smart garbage, which will cause the mobile phone to become stuck, so the life span of Android phones will be lower than that of Apple phones.

But now Android phones are becoming more and more powerful in performance, and their fluency has also been greatly improved. The most important thing is that the control of Android phones is also increasing, but if you want to solve the problem of junk files, Android phones are still in trouble, what do you think of Apple phones and Android phones?

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