Artificial Intelligence algorithm(CNN) better predicts farming yields

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According to Nicolas Martin, assistant professor in the Department of Crop Sciences at Illinois there is huge boost in agriculture farming if the correct use of AI will introduced in agriculture field as per professor co author of research study it is easy to detect the site specific responses while implementing different inputs With the help of AI enabled statistics farmers may generate good yield. The predictions of the soil, electroconductivity, nitrogen and seed rate treatments are just some variables of AI data sets.If the farmer broken down his field into 5 meter (approx 16 foot squares) and data set regarding soil, nitrogen applications rate and seed rate is available than a convolutional neutral network(CNN) may produced a great result to predict a good yield.

It is also a known fact among the farmers that yield response on some places across the field is different sometime farmers have an idea that a specific spot generate greatest output due to nitrogen and vice versa but if farmer will
apply the CNN on hidden patterns that may causing such a response than he would find out the exact features of good yields. According to Marting (CO author of study) “And when we compared several methods, we found out that the CNN was working very well to explain yield variation.”

Proper use of CNN and untangle data from previous crops yields will be helpful in find out the pattern to generate a high potential crop result this method of farming still in test cycle but AI will advances the mankind to predict the good yield results of seasonal crops.

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