Biden you are “idiot”, Trump flaunts economic performance

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Monday is Labor Day in the United States. US President Trump said in a speech that day that the United States is bypassing the last corner of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and expects that the country’s economy will achieve a major rebound next year.

At a press conference held on the north porch of the White House, Trump flaunted the latest non-agricultural employment report and said that if he is no longer elected, the economic rebound will come to an abrupt end.

“We are witnessing the fastest recovery in the labor market since the economic crisis in history,” Trump said. “Next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country.”

A report released by the US Department of Labor last Friday showed that the number of non-agricultural employment in the US increased by 1.4 million after the seasonal adjustment in August, and the unemployment rate fell to 8.4% from 10.2% last month. Compared with the data in February, the United States has lost about 11.5 million jobs. Moreover, economists and health experts worry that the recurrence of the autumn and winter epidemics may drag down the recovery of the labor market.

Epidemic tracking data from Johns Hopkins University shows that as of 06:15 on September 8, Beijing time, nearly 6.3 million cases of new coronary pneumonia have been diagnosed in the United States, with nearly 190,000 deaths. The five-day average number of new mobile cases was 40,714, which was much higher than the level in spring, but lower than the peak of 69,451 in mid-July.

But Trump said that the economy is achieving a V-shaped recovery, and it may be a super V-shaped recovery, and mentioned the recent stock market trends. The US stock market has rebounded sharply since it bottomed in March, but it has retraced in recent trading days.

In his speech, Trump also mentioned the progress of vaccine research and development, and expressed optimism that a vaccine may be available as early as October. “We have completed incredible work at an unprecedented rate,” he said. “It may have taken two or three years, but we completed it in a very short time. We may even be able to do it in October. Get the vaccine.”

Last weekend, the Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said in an interview that if the vaccine comes out before the November election, she would hesitate to get it. “I don’t believe Trump. No matter what he says, he needs a credible source of information to confirm the effectiveness and reliability of the vaccine.”

In response, Trump asked Harris to apologize, saying that the latter’s remarks were sabotaging science and recklessly opposing vaccines. In his speech, Trump did not forget to attack his rival, the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and call him a “idiot.”

“Biden and his very free running partner, by the way, Harris is the most liberal person in Congress. In my opinion, they are not qualified for this job. They will destroy this country and destroy this country’s economy.” Lampe said, “Biden is a stupid person, you know.”

More than 10 polls released last week showed that Biden is ahead of Trump by at least 2 percentage points and at most 10 percentage points ahead of his opponent. On the whole, according to the analysis of the US “True Clear Politics” website, Biden leads Trump by an average of 6.9 percentage points.

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