Bitcoin bull market, Time will prove the value of Bitcoin, Wait patiently

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  1. Data: Bitcoin volatility hits a 23-month low

2. As of October 4, the number of Bitcoin ATMs deployed globally has reached 10,590

3. Wael, an economist and financial adviser of many investment institutions in Egypt, said that many Egyptians, especially young people, are very interested in cryptocurrency.

4. Former Chief Economist of the IMF Critics are wrong to say that cryptocurrencies have no value

5. Hao Yi, Bank of China Research Institute: The central bank’s digital currency will impact the SWIFT system

BTC market analysis

After the Golden Retriever confirmed the new crown, the global capital market stopped falling and began to rebound after an emergency decline in US stocks. This impact was smaller than we thought.

The trend of global finance this year has fully demonstrated the performance of previous crises. The market style of big and strong, small and weak, the strong always strong, and the weak always weak, is constantly strengthening.

In this era of constant digitization, resources and information are more easily controlled by giants through the Internet. The Internet does not give more fair opportunities in this era, but gives trusts more, better, and lower-cost control tools.

Coupled with the superposition of risk aversion in the crisis era, more and more hot money will only go to places where more certainty is sought.

Although the cryptocurrency market is an emerging market, the era of Bitcoin dominance has never changed. Although there are also a hundred flowers blooming, it is still a spring.

BTC is still the most consensus investment hotspot in this emerging world. Hold it for a long time with confidence and time will prove its value. The balance of the central government has slowly added a scale to this weight.

ETH market analysis

I said last time, “V God is doing things again, so the last round of the 4H cycle has slowly begun to have some energy. This is a positive market signal. From this signal, we must pay close attention to its fundamentals. The change.

At present, we still need to wait, “watch the payment” to see what kind of payment method V God is? “In the past two days, ETH has gradually become like a big target. The decline is limited and the rebound takes priority. This is a signal that we can continue to track and be optimistic about it.

Whether the follow-up market still exists, still need to continue to observe.

XRP/LTC/BCH/EOS unified analysis

In the novel, after this decline, the speed and amplitude of XRP’s rebound are relatively fast and relatively large. But I didn’t see the changes in the relevant fundamentals. Since there was no time and energy for careful analysis during the holidays, I will mark here for the time being. Follow-up need to track and judge the changes in fundamentals, as well as the historical views and traces of market funds. Out of judgment.

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