Bitcoin investment skills how to judge ?

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When the price of Bitcoin value keep falling or increase, investors are anxiously waiting for the bargain-hunting signal. How to judge whether the market has bottomed out or top most? Bitcoin can not be bargained? This is a problem that investors pay close attention to.

Signal 1: Deviations in technical indicators

Judging the divergence of indicators can not just look at the divergence of one indicator. If multiple technical indicators show such obvious divergence at the same time on the long-term trend line, it may also imply that the last decline in the major trend has been completed. Identifying the reversal market can be determined by changes in indicators, which will also show changes in long and short power.

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Signal two: infer from the decline

In the continuing downward trend, it is generally difficult to determine whether it is the last decline from the decline, which also needs to be combined with the news and technical aspects to speculate. However, one truth must not be forgotten: long-term rise must fall, long-term fall must rise.

Signal 3: Judging by market sentiment

When the bitcoin price fell last time, the price of the currency was in a long decline process, and the market was locked up most of the time. If the sentiment of the market is depressed at this time, then the real low will approach and the market reversal is coming.

Signal 4: Breaking the technical pattern

When bitcoin comes to the last drop, the technical pattern will be broken, and it will decline rapidly. Various support points, important psychological barriers and technical bottoms will appear, and Bitcoin market reversal is just around the corner.

Signal five: the message surface speculation

In the face of bitcoin price bottoming out, the news is also one of the decisive factors, including many specific contents. Some problems that plague the market need to be solved. The market is in the stage of speculation, and there is no final conclusion. You can speculate through the cooperation of the news surface.

The above are the five techniques for judging bitcoin price reversal. If you have reached the bottoming time, you can judge by the above method. As for whether to add a position during the bottoming, it depends on the investor’s own account funds and courage.

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