Blood pressure is 180. I don’t want to take medicine. Can I lower blood pressure through exercise?

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I came here today thinking that my 39-year-old friend, a restaurant owner, is always dizzy recently. He took a blood pressure of 180/120, but he didn’t want to take medicine, so he contacted me and asked if he could reduce blood pressure by exercise.

I replied that exercise certainly helps to control blood pressure, but not all high blood pressure can reduce blood pressure to normal through exercise.

First, not all high blood pressure is suitable for exercise, The blood pressure level determines, more hypertension can exercise.

Especially high blood pressure above level 2, that is, blood pressure above 160/100, exercise is not recommended, because blood pressure above 160/100, exercise is dangerous. Therefore, for blood pressure of 180/120, it is not possible to lower blood pressure by exercise. The blood pressure must be lowered below 160/100 through antihypertensive drugs before exercise is recommended.

With these diseases, exercise is not recommended to lower blood pressure,If a person finds high blood pressure, but also has diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, and cerebrovascular disease, even if the blood pressure is higher than 140/90, it is not recommended to rely on exercise to lower blood pressure, but to start blood pressure medicine as soon as possible If combined with some unstable diseases, such as angina, heart failure, etc., exercise is not recommended.

Second, we must learn about science movement, There are many types of exercise. If high blood pressure requires exercise, aerobic exercise is also recommended, that is, moderate-intensity continuous exercise, such as jogging, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics, dancing, etc., each time about 30 minutes. Persist 3–5 times a week, the heart rate should not be too fast, generally control it at 170 times minus your age. Such exercise is beneficial to control blood pressure. Of course, in addition to the above blood pressure standards, there is another point that is not uncomfortable. If you feel uncomfortable during exercise, you cannot exercise.

Third, to control blood pressure, it is necessary to have a comprehensive and healthy life, not just exercise.

Exercise is necessary, but it is comprehensive without using antihypertensive drugs to control blood pressure, including healthy eating, weight control, staying away from tobacco and alcohol, reducing staying up late and reducing stress. Because these healthy lives are all conducive to blood pressure control, not just exercise.

Of course, for a blood pressure of 180, we must first control blood pressure through antihypertensive drugs, and at the same time cooperate with the above-mentioned healthy lifestyle. If you want to exercise, it is also recommended that the blood pressure drop below 160/100 before exercising, and it is recommended to adhere to aerobic exercise.

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