CORONA- Cough self-assessment

  1. Body temperature is below 38C
  2. No short breath or suffocating symptoms
  3. Aged between 5 and 60
  4. You are not a pregnant woman, you don’t have chronic illness of lung, blood vessel, kidney or immune system, or you are not of obesity.
  5. If you meet all above characteristics, you stay home and stay observed. While at home, drink more water and take some OTC meds for colds
  6. At the same time, please wear masks, wash hands and circulate air in the room
  7. Please see a doctor if No improvements after ONE or TWO days
  8. Recently have been in contact with patients of fever and coughing symptoms, or have been to crowded venues such as hospitals, supermarkets and other markets or have been in contact with wild animals.
  9. You are a senior, pregnant, of obesity or you have chronic lung diseases, blood vessel diseases, kidney diseases or you are of weak immune system
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Wear masks, watch coughing etiquette. When coughing or sneezing, don’t use hands to cover nose and mouth, use paper napkins or elbow.Avoid public transportation as possible. Avoid venues of large crowd.Proactively inform the doctor of your whereabouts including recent residences, travel history, contacts with unconfirmed and confirmed patients before your symptoms, and contacts after your symptoms. Be coordinative with the doctor on respective investigations.If you identify yourself as an unconfirmed COVID-19 patient, please call medical hotlines based on your local advisories and go to see a fever ER. Reduce your movement and activities within the area of a hospital.If you have to seek medical assistance, please avoid departments designated for patients of fever, cough. Stay ONE METER away and more from them if you have to engage.

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