Difficulty in IELTS reading? These factors that affect IELTS scores must be known

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Many candidates have brushed a lot of questions about IELTS reading and usually spend a lot of time practicing, but their scores have not improved, and the IELTS reading level has been hovering at a medium level. Why are you always trapped in low scores? Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction to the reasons for low IELTS reading scores, let us take a look at it!

1. The mechanical problem is from beginning to end

Completing three essays with a total of 3000 words in one hour requires high speed for candidates. Do not do the questions strictly in the prescribed order. In particular, roast ducks with a target score of 6 should proceed according to the degree of difficulty to maximize the score. Some questions are simple, do it first and try not to lose points. Such as: table/chart/diagram, sentence completion, short answer questions. It is usually difficult to choose a category, such as List of headings, Which paragraph contains the following information, etc., to be done later. In addition, roast ducks should choose one of the three articles with the most familiar background to do it first, and establish confidence in the question, so as to improve the accuracy of the article.

Second, see the East and West thinking divergence

There will be 3 to 4 difficult questions in the exam. These questions examine the rare words of everyone, or pay great attention to the English thinking of students. Don’t spend your usual review time on odd questions. The main focus is still on medium-standard questions. The editor of Shijiazhuang New Channel tells everyone to remember that the IELTS test is based on language, which is different from the CET-4 and CET-6 and the domestic postgraduate admissions examination. The answer to the question can be found directly from the appearance of the article, without special in-depth thinking. Please do not apply chemical physics formulas when doing IELTS reading, and please do not use the psychology questions you have learned to study the ideas behind the questions, and please do not use a paragraph in the National Geographic to explain the test topic. Remember, the resources you have are the 1,000 or so words matching the title.

3. Memorizing vocabulary in disorder means not memorizing

Many students understand that the most important cornerstone of the IELTS test is vocabulary, so at the very beginning, they made up their minds to remember from A to Z with a thick vocabulary book. But the good times are not long, and it is difficult for students to carry out such a difficult project to the end. In the course of the class, I almost never saw a student knowing every word in the article. This is because the vocabulary of IELTS reading is too big! And do you really need a lot of vocabulary to score 6 or higher in the reading test? In fact, if you can master 4000 words proficiently, reading 6 points or more is completely achievable. There are only two things we need to do: understand which words are important to master and remember these words thoroughly.

4.Fine tasting slowly loses time to time

Some people are naturally chronic and can only finish 2 articles in an hour. It is difficult for such students to get a score of 6 or more in the IELTS test room. It is recommended that this part of the students should first develop to look at the topic directly, and add skills and methods according to the topic, which can help you solve the time problem quickly. If it is really difficult to complete a reading article in 20 minutes at the beginning, you can try to practice incrementally, first practice in 25 minutes, then slowly reduce to 23 minutes, and finally meet the test requirements. Believe in one point and persevere will win the final victory.

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