Does Tesla model3 and Buckler have a head-up display?

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As we all know, Tesla started with Model 3, including the Model Y, which is now on the market, and the model platform. The instrument has been eliminated in the car. In fact, compared with the traditional cars generally equipped with instruments, Model 3 is equivalent to reversing the driver’s It’s a habit of looking down at the instrument a little bit, but now it’s just a habit of shaking your head to look at the big screen a little bit therefore, many consumers have doubts about the driving experience of this electric car, after all, look down while driving. The information on the central control display is very dangerous. And if Model 3 will add a head-up display function, it can make the design of the car more reasonable. You can understand that this is a brand new Feature: but if there is no, there is no. If it is configured, of course, the original intention is to reduce the chance of the driver looking down at the instrument or other causing the line of sight to deviate from the route of travel, thereby improving driving safety. Therefore, the world-renowned automotive electronics brand, Round Shield, designed and developed a dedicated head-up display for the Tesla Model 3 special car-F12-M specifically for this safety hazard. This is a special research and development for the Tesla Model 3. Compared with the original car, the designed head-up display makes up for the lack of a dashboard in the original car’s central control, avoiding the inconvenience of driving to see the speed, easy to pay attention to speeding fines, and driving easy to get distracted. The following points are summarized.

This product is specially developed for Tesla Model3 car owners. It is non-destructively installed and will not cause any damage to our car during the installation process. There are 3 display styles for us to choose .

Easy to get started, almost zero threshold

Make up for the regret that the original car’s central control does not have a dashboard, avoiding the inconvenience of driving to see the speed, reducing the visual distance switching when driving, easy to pay attention to speeding fines, driving easy to get distracted and other disadvantages, increasing safety.

Four practical alarm functions reminder, speeding alarm, electric pressure alarm, low battery alarm, door open alarm, timely reminding is safer.

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