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Since becoming an SAP consultant in 2009, I have worked with many consultants in different modules. Some consultants are very keen and smart, and they can always deliver results that exceed client expectations.

At the same time, there are some consultants who always rely on others and cannot be alone. They are unwilling to explore new areas and learn new knowledge. They treat work as a task and have no curiosity about the unknown.

I want to share some tips that can distinguish you from ordinary consultants so that you can excel in the team.

1. Interest is the most important

For me, an SAP consultant should be interested in what he is doing. I even think that educational background is not as important as interest.

A person without the aura of a prestigious university can shine in his own field as long as he is willing to learn and explore.

I have met many people who are not even proficient in PowerPoint, but take on the role of SAP consultant. I don’t think they can be a good consultant because they lack the interest in exploring knowledge and honing their skills.

SAP consultant is not a step-by-step job. You may face tasks and challenges you have never encountered before. You must learn and research with enthusiasm.

2. Don’t follow the crowd, find what you love and are good at

Many people have asked me how to enter the SAP industry. Most people think that SAP consultants have good income and good benefits, and it seems that being a consultant is not difficult.

Frankly speaking, money is of course a factor, but money should not be the only factor.

To become an SAP consultant, the bottom line is that you should have relevant knowledge, interests and a certain level of educational background. For example, if you want to become an ABAPer, you should at least have some knowledge of programming.

If you have worked in other industries and now want to switch to SAP, you have to prepare from scratch. Your previous accumulation may not have much value in the SAP industry. Of course, if you used to work in IT, it will help somewhat.

The first two tips are for people who are interested in entering the SAP industry. The following three items are for friends who are already in the SAP industry.

3. Make good use of search engines

If you make good use of search engines (foreign Google, domestic Baidu), you will have an endless ocean of knowledge.

First of all, search engines can help you find a lot of learning materials. All SAP products have detailed official documents and training materials, although most of the materials may be in English. But as long as you want to learn, don’t worry about finding the documentation for your reference.

More importantly, using search engines can help you solve specific problems faster. Of course, in this regard, Google can search more content than Baidu because it faces global websites.

There is a trick you must know. When searching, don’t describe the problem yourself, but copy the error code or prompt information in the SAP system directly to the search engine, so that you can accurately locate the relevant web page. Believe me, most of the problems you have encountered have already been encountered, discussed, and solutions have been found by others. All you have to do is to find the answer.

In addition to using search engines and Notes provided by SAP are also very effective sources of information. You must learn to use them.

4. Don’t immediately accept or reject customer needs

A smart consultant will not immediately speak out after hearing the needs of the client.

Yes, neither accept it immediately nor refuse it immediately. The consultant should take time to analyze the impact and consequences if this requirement is fulfilled.

Even if you know that there is no solution in your heart, you should avoid telling the customer that the demand cannot be realized in the SAP system immediately. You should allow the customer to give you reasonable time to analyze and judge the needs.

If it is a very basic requirement, you know that the system can definitely be achieved, and you should not agree to the customer immediately. Because once you agree immediately, and quickly realize this requirement in the system. It is easy for customers to use this as the standard for demand response. Next time there is a more difficult demand, the customer will also expect you to solve it in a short period of time, ignoring the time needed to analyze and solve problems.

5. Maintain the human network in the SAP industry

My last tip is about the network of consultants: SAP consultants should take the initiative to maintain their contacts in the professional field.

This does not mean that you should be fine to send messages to harass other consultants, but that you should know and be familiar with the best experts in your field. You can establish personal contact with them or follow their social media. .

When you encounter some problems, you can contact them, most people are happy to give advice. You know, no one knows everything, even if you are an old master in the industry, there are still things you don’t understand, others understand. Establishing a network of people, helping each other, and sharing professional knowledge are things that are of great benefit to everyone.

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