ETH market analysis,ETH is leading the rise of mainstream currencies again!

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If you want to have a place in the investment market, a good attitude is very important. Since we have chosen the investment market, we look at the profit of a cycle. In fact, as long as we pay attention to it for a long time. There are a lot of changes in the intraday, you must control your position, adjust your mentality, and have a clear judgment and control of the direction of the market. There are many times when many people will question. I have seen the direction clearly. I did it, but I still lose money. I don’t understand what the reason is. It’s actually very simple. We need to accurately control the direction and the idea of ​​placing orders today in this market, and we also need to control the best points. Can we do it at the current point, what should we do the most, the position should be done by a few percent, how many points can be added to the position, how many points can the order in my hand resist, if you don’t understand these, I hope that all investors can remember the three most important points of investment direction, position and a good attitude.

ETH market analysis

Judging from the hourly chart, the currency price rallied in the morning and met resistance and fell behind. The market has been fluctuating widely above 420. The currency price fell back sharply around 11 o’clock and fell to the line of 417.31. After bottoming out, it quickly rebounded back to 420. Above, the current currency price fluctuates near the 420 line. Technically, the Bollinger track opens upwards, and the currency price fluctuates in the upper-middle orbit region. It moves below the MA5 moving average. The MA5 moving average crosses the MA10 moving downwards. A line of suppression is formed above the price, and the MA20.30 moving average line is up in a long arrangement, respectively forming support below the currency price. In the indicators in the attached picture, the MACD fast line moves downwards above the zero axis, and the short energy gradually shrinks, and the RSI is within a reasonable range. The three lines are narrow and parallel, and the KDJ aggregates at a high level and the three lines diverge downward. On the whole, the current market trend is in a state of shock and consolidation.

Fed Governor Lael Brainard emphasized in his speech today that the Fed has not yet made any final decision on whether to issue its own digital currency. Brainard said that it is important to understand how the Federal Reserve’s current rules on currency issuance apply to CBDC and whether CBDC will have legal tender status by design. The Fed has not yet decided whether to carry out such an important policy process, because the Fed is spending time and energy to understand the significant impact of global digital currencies and CBDC.

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