Gates was hacked by the whole network: let people vaccinate to install chips to control all humans?

Author: Allison Johnson

Editor: Sajjad Hussain

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Western conspiracy theorists ’black guns, this time aiming at Bill Gates

Who could have imagined that Bill Gates, known as the founder of Microsoft, the world’s second richest person, and a famous philanthropist, could be hacked to a new height by world netizens?

“Maker of New Coronavirus”

“Profiter of viral vaccine”

“Take control of the global health system with the new coronavirus”

“Partnership with the Global Secret Elite Group to manufacture the new crown virus”

“Implant microchips in vaccines to monitor humans” …

One is scarier than the other.

And pursuing the rumor spreaders is really not just ignorant netizens.

Politician says:

Italian Congressman Sara Cunial issued “Arrest Bill Gates” a radical speech :

“For many years, Gates has worked hard to formulate a global policy to reduce population and dictatorship control plan, in order to occupy the top position in the field of agriculture, technology, energy. The real purpose of his move is to have full control of humanity, absolute rule, and humanity Becoming a guinea pig and a slave, he violated our sovereignty and free will! “

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Sara Cunial

It is known that:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Kennedy family has always firmly opposed to vaccination, since March he relies frequently on social media blackened • Bill Gates number of Instagram followers has doubled.

“We are all Gates’ experimental guinea pigs … he controls when and where we work, do sports, shop, go to school, go to the beach, go to pubs, go to the cinema, listen to concerts, what drugs to take … his The thugs forced us to wear masks, locked us at home from going out, and even determined the distance between us and our lover. “

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Instagram screenshot

The media said:

The host of Fox News frequently exposes “Bill Gates’ ambiguity” on his show .

One of them is to link his proposal of using information technology to track vaccinators with globalism, saying “this epidemic is the perfect carrier for globalists to use it to achieve their goals.”

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Twitter screenshot

In 2000, Bill Gates withdrew $ 5.1 billion to establish the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation; when he retired from Microsoft in 2008, Gates announced that he would donate all $ 58 billion in property to the Gates Foundation. Became the first person in the world to “naked donate”.

As of 2018, the Gates Foundation has donated a total of US $ 46.8 billion to solve the global development and public health crisis, making it one of the world’s largest private charitable organizations.

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In the face of the new coronavirus epidemic that has affected the world, the Gates Foundation has spent US $ 300 million on testing, treatment and vaccine development.

As the creator of Microsoft, the world’s richest man who has won the championship for 13 consecutive years (currently ranked second in the global rich list), and a famous philanthropist, how could Bill Gates be blacked out? Who did he offend? Who is the black hand behind the scenes?


2016 warned Trump to be careful of embankments

Do you say Gates is wrong?

In a TED talk back in 2015, Gates warned:

The biggest risk facing mankind is not nuclear war, but an infectious virus that may threaten the lives of millions of people; governments lack defense facilities, and he called for the establishment of an international early warning and response system to deal with the occurrence of pandemics.

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In 2016, Trump was elected. Gates suggested that the Trump government should give priority to the preparations for the global pandemic.

Gates ’s views five or six years ago were as if predicted by God in early 2020, but in the eyes of conspiracy theorists, it is not Gates who has a vision, but all of them are “proof” that prove the three mainstream conspiracy theories.

The media analysis company Zignal Labs tracked the various lies popular in the new coronavirus. Among them , the misinformation about Bill Gates spread most widely .

On January 21 of this year, a tweet suggesting that “Bill Gates has long been aware of the New Corona Virus Outbreak” began to spread madly on Twitter. Patents on “new crown virus”. (Pirbright Institute is a donated beneficiary institution of Gates Foundation)

In fact, this patent is not directed against the new coronavirus, but is related to a potential vaccine for another coronavirus that affects poultry.

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Between February and April of this year, conspiracy theories involving Bill Gates and the New Crown virus were mentioned more than 1.2 million times on social media and TV broadcasts, the second largest brain hole in the epidemic, the “5G spread new crown “Virus” is 33% higher.

By April, the conspiracy theory that discussed Gates reached a peak of 18,000 mentions per day .

“The New York Times” made a special statistics: as of mid-April, only on Facebook’s social media platform, in 2020, there were more than 16,000 posts spreading false news about Bill Gates. These posts were liked and commented nearly 90 Ten thousand times; on YouTube, 10 of the most popular conspiracy theory videos that vilified Bill Gates were viewed nearly 5 million times in March and April.

An anti-vaccinator PS made a movie poster of Quentin Tarendino’s classic movie “Kill Bill”, and the heroine was replaced by Bill Gates.

Even if the above-mentioned rumors were falsified many times, there are still a steady stream of believers joining the communication team. Until now, if you searched for the Pirbright Institute on Twitter, there are still new people joining the controversy of “criminalizing Gates” every day.

In the findings released by Yahoo News and YouGov on Tuesday-44% of Republicans believe that Bill Gates will secretly implant chips for billions of people to monitor human activities by promoting the new crown vaccination.


Bill Gates has put a lot of effort into developing a vaccine against the new coronavirus. And this happens to enter the territory of “anti-vaccination” conspirators.

In fact, Gates and Liang Zi of the “anti-vaccination community” have long since forged.

One of the Gates Foundation ’s long-term priorities is to work with governments and research institutions in many countries around the world to promote high-quality and inexpensive vaccines worldwide, especially in third world countries, to reduce preventable diseases and deaths.

However, vaccination happens to be one of the focuses of the world’s largest conspiracy theory.

The New World Order, one of the most well-known conspiracy theories in the world , believes that vaccination is one of the important tools for global power elites to control human population.

This conspiracy theory holds that the secret group of the world’s few power elite (The Power Elite), the shadow government, and the globalist agenda they conspired to manipulate the world behind the scenes. The ultimate goal is to establish an authoritarian world government to replace the Sovereignty or nation-state, this new plan is called the “new world order”.

Bill Gates ‘status is enough to be included in the few power elites in the world, and the promotion of vaccines is precisely the focus of the Gates Foundation’s work for many years. So it is not surprising that this time Bill Gates’ new crown virus Vaccines have once again become “the Gates Foundation pretends to help improve and save the world, in fact it is a means for another purpose.”

In the past century, vaccines have saved a lot of human lives. As one of the most economical and effective ways to prevent and control infectious diseases, vaccines have helped all human beings to greatly reduce the harm of many diseases .

For example, the measles vaccine that came out in the 1960s. Before the vaccine was developed, about 2.6 million people died of the disease each year, but the vaccine reduced the number of measles deaths by 80%; for example, the polio, or polio vaccine, was put into use Since then, about 350,000 cases worldwide in 1988 have been almost completely eliminated today.

But these scientifically verified data are empty words in the eyes of anti-vaccines. For a long time, there have been people who questioned the safety of vaccines under the influence of false information. Others believe that compulsory vaccination violates basic human rights. Today, anti-vaccination has even become a tool used by politicians.

In addition, in this new crown epidemic, Trump ’s “leadership” shown by the US president is obvious to everyone. Although Bill Gates never criticized Trump by name, he sharply criticized Trump at that time. Various weak measures taken by the government.

The posture that Bill Gates showed, “You can do what you do, you can’t do me,” clearly makes Trump’s far-right supporters hate.

After being traced by the American media, the poster who first linked Bill Gates to the New Crown virus on Twitter in January was closely related to another well-known conspiracy theory “Anonymous Q” (QAnon) .

Anonymous Q believes that there is a deep government against Trump and its supporters in the US government. The organization headed by Anonymous Q has spread many crazy conspiracy statements. The supporters of these conspiracy theories are also considered to be “Trump The most avid fan. “

Faced with the attacks of conspiracy theorists, Bill Gates rarely responded. He rejected many interviews on conspiracy theories by mainstream American media, and his attention was focused on solving more meaningful problems.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal recently, he admitted that he felt “very bad” and expressed regret. He hoped that he “can do more in the past, so that people can have an outbreak of pandemic disease earlier Followed “.

Since August 2014, the Gates Foundation has invested US $ 235 million in preventing and responding to pandemics, and has also invested US $ 305 million in this new coronavirus epidemic.


Be wary of extremism and populism

In 1918, the Spanish pandemic caused more than 30 million deaths worldwide

In 2020, Covid-19 has infected more than 5.7 million people worldwide and nearly 360,000 deaths.

As of press time, more than 1.7 million people have been diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia in the United States and more than 100,000 have died. After more than two months of suspension, all parts of the country are about to restart.

Bill Gates is just the biggest target in this conspiracy theory. Today, conspiracy theories surrounding the epidemic have even evolved into propaganda tools for some European and American organizations to promote extremism and populism .

Asian-American discrimination broke out across the United States, and 1710 discrimination cases were reported to STOP AAPI HATE (15% involved physical conflict). There were 133 anti-Asian discrimination incidents in New York City, compared with 11 in the same period last year.

American media Politico analyzed thousands of social media posts about the New Crown virus conspiracy theory. They found that from white supremacists in the United States, anti-vaccinators, to fascists and anti-refugee organizations in Europe, and far-right populists , Spreading false information about the virus everywhere, they attracted more ordinary people into their radical world by rubbing hot spots.

Although many social media including Twitter have recently indicated that they will mark or ban accounts that spread false information about the epidemic, but this information has been spreading with the epidemic for several months. It is difficult to predict the remarks on the ordinary How far-reaching effects people will have.

At present, health and epidemic prevention experts are worried that because of this wave of conspiracy theory operations, it is likely that when the new coronavirus vaccine is developed and put into use next year, many people will have been brainwashed and refused to accept the vaccination, which eventually leads to the threat of the new coronavirus to humans It cannot be eliminated.

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