Getting started with Angular JS in minutes

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What is Angular JS ?

Angular JS is an excellent front-end JS framework, widely used by companies such as Google. Among the many features of AngularJS, the core ones are MVVM, modularity, automatic two-way data binding, semantic labeling, dependency injection, and so on. AngularJS is not only a small part of the web application, but also a complete end-to-end solution.

Why learn Angular JS ?

1. It is a relatively complete front-end MVVM framework, including templates, two-way data binding, routing, modularization, services, filters, dependency injection and other functions;

2. The template is powerful and rich, and is declarative, with rich Angular commands

3. Angular JS modularization boldly introduces some things from Java (dependency injection), which makes it easy to write reusable code;

4. Angular supports unit testing and e2e-testing.

Learning focus

1. How does AngularJS implement the MVC design pattern?

2. What is $scope and what is it used for?

3. How many ways are there to define Controller?

4. How to define a module (Module)?

5. What is the use of Service? How to define a Service?

Angular JS ‘s “Three Don’ts “:

Don’t learn AngularJS without a solid JS foundation!

Don’t know jQuery, don’t learn AngularJS!

Haven’t learned any kind of server-side development technology, don’t learn AngularJS.

It is rumored that the learning curve of Angular JS is very steep, probably because there are many pitfalls in learning, and it is not easy to get started. More about Angular JS’s “Three Don’ts”. Obviously, it is not easy to learn Angular JS, but “the reason why we learn a technology is not because it is simple, but because it is powerful.”

Angular JS makes people learn so confused, but there are still so many big companies want to use it, not just because the technicians of these big companies are proficient in Angular JS, but more because of the practicality and power of the framework.

The most difficult thing to learn about every knowledge is getting started. After you get started, you will find your own learning method, and the subsequent learning process will be much easier. The so-called “Everything is difficult at the beginning”! The same is true for Angular JS learning. Many children’s shoes say that there is no way to get started. So with the popularity of webcasting, the smart society will never be out, and the live broadcast will start!

Our live broadcast does not have a “net red face”, but some are just pure dry explanations of the blue god of Huadan, the head of the intelligent agency. It is definitely not bad at all! Take you to understand what AngularJS is, why AngularJS is used, what are the characteristics of AngularJS, what is template technology, what is Controller, common dependencies, data interaction, and how to implement animation technology. Let you get started easily in two hours!

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