Girls skin care, the correct way to wash your face, washing your face with warm water

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Girls have a lot of skin care products that are indispensable. Not to mention girls, modern men also know skin care. After all, everyone loves beauty. Our first step in skin care is to wash your face. Did you wash it right? I often see some people, such as colleagues, classmates, and friends, washing their face is very violent. You can directly apply facial cleanser to your face and rub it hard, as if the harder you use, the cleaner it will be; in fact, this will not only make the washing dirty , It will also bring harm to our skin. What is the correct way to wash our face?

The correct way to wash your face

Many little fairies use the wrong way to wash their face when they come up. If you want to fully understand the correct way to wash your face, let’s start with the technique.

First of all, the cleanser must be fully foamed before being applied to the face. If you squeeze out the facial cleanser, apply it directly to your face. The high-concentration facial cleanser can easily wash off the protective lipid covering the facial skin in a short time, causing your face to be washed and dried.

The best way is to foam the cleanser in the palm of your hand and put it on your face. If you can buy a foaming net or a foaming bottle, it is also a good choice.

When washing your face, focus on washing the T-zone around the nose, and don’t scrub the dry parts such as cheeks, just gently take it on. Many little fairies wash their faces and do not pay attention to the cleanliness around the nose. Over time, blackheads will accumulate in the pores of the nose and wings, which will affect the appearance.

Generally speaking, wash twice a day. If you have dry skin or oily skin and don’t have makeup at night, just wash your face with water in the morning. For oily skin, you can use facial cleanser in the morning and evening.”


1. The intensity should be light, and the technique is very important.

2. Choose a facial cleanser that suits our own skin type (I have written about it in the previous article, and I brought it here)

3. Check the hairline (check if there is any residual cleanser around the hairline, otherwise it is easy to get acne around the hairline)

The correct way to wash your face, wash your face with warm water

The technique is king, followed by washing your face with warm water. Some people try to save trouble and wash their faces directly with cold water; some people think that they have oily skin and need very hot water to wash away the grease on their faces. In fact, these are all wrong views, and the correct way is to use warm water. This will ensure that the pores are fully opened without excessively losing the skin’s natural moisturizing oil.

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