Google calls on Android developers to prepare for the 5G era

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In order to urge game application developers to prepare for the transition to the 5G world, Google specially published a newly written blog post on the Android Developers website. The article mentioned the four enhanced experiences that 5G will bring. For example, functions that could only be achieved by home Wi-Fi networks in the past can now be used outdoors anytime, anywhere. Based on this, Google hopes that developers can make full use of the 5G connection rate, provide high-quality video chat and expand the multiplayer game mode.

Second, for those photo-centric applications, Google recommends video and augmented reality content as the new first choice. After all, the content that took time to buffer before has been able to provide a more seamless experience under the blessing of 5G.

The third suggestion is in terms of content prefetching. For users who have subscribed to an unlimited data plan, this helps them start watching faster than before. Only in the foreseeable future, many people’s data traffic is still relatively limited, so they need Android’s built-in current limiting protection.

The fourth suggestion is to push streaming media content to the mainstream. Although this is not common in the 4G era, 5G can bring faster transmission rates, thereby improving the reliability of streaming media and will play a role in future applications. Important role.

Finally, the search giant said that it has been working hard to add new APIs to Android to promote the realization and popularization of such functions.

In addition, the Android SDK emulator has also ushered in a simultaneous upgrade, which can help developers to complete App construction and testing without a 5G device or network

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