Google Pixel 5 real machine spy photos exposure digging hole full screen + rear dual camera

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Although the status of Google’s “pro son” Pixel series models has become more and more awkward in recent years, for some users with Google’s old system, especially some foreign users, the new generation of flagship Pixel 5 series still has more High attractiveness. In accordance with past practices, Google will continue to launch a new generation of flagships this fall is approaching, and more and more configuration details are exposed.

According to the latest spy photos released by foreign research on the Great God Technology, it is consistent with the basic information management of the previous media exposure. The new Google Pixel 5 series will only provide such a system version this year, and will use some popular digging holes. Full-screen design, the front camera opening is located in the upper left corner of the different screens, the overall appearance is good, and the frame is also very well controlled. On the back of the fuselage, the machine is equipped with a square camera module on the back, and two lenses work together with the flash and are placed in the upper left corner.

On the other hand, according to previous exposures, the new Google Pixel 5 has a screen size of 6.67 inches and will support a 120 Hz refresh rate of 90 or higher. With Gcellon765 mobile platform, 8GB RAM, three rear 12.2 million pixel cameras and front 8 million pixel camera, built-in 4000 meters Ah battery.

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