Gucci’s weird fashion is here again, dirty jeans actually sold for $765

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The biggest hobby of the fashion industry is to rub the IQ of our mortals on the ground. The most used method should be to use your identity to refer to the deer as a horse. You are not allowed to ask. Ask, you don’t understand fashion!

This year, the Italian luxury fashion brand Gucci’s new collection of autumn 2020 products has once again caused controversy. Of course, there is no rival, so it cannot be said to be a controversy. It should be called a topic. The biggest hot topic of this topic should be the denim series in the new product series, including wide-leg jeans and strap denim tooling that look like grass stains.

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Jeans have been popular during the gold rush in the United States, but fashion companies have always spared no effort in bringing forth the new. As early as 2017, fashion retailer Nordstrom sold fake mud-stained jeans, which made headlines at a retail price of up to $425. The Onomichi Denim Project boutique has also ignited public opinion by selling high-end jeans that have been worn for a year.

This year, Italian fashion brand Gucci launched this pair of jeans and denim tooling. Its design effect is “special treatment, showing a visual effect similar to grass stains”, and the price is as high as 765 US dollars and 1,400 US dollars… …

“The stylish atmosphere of the Channelling 2020 autumn and winter series. This wide-leg jeans is made of organic cotton and has been specially treated to present a visual effect similar to stains.”

“Gucci explores a new interpretation of this popular fabric, reinterprets it with different designs and washing techniques, blurring the boundary between retro and modern.” The original words on the Gucci official website translate roughly to this.

Of course, for this kind of confusing fashion push, people from all walks of life have different reactions, and some even put it on the “ecological” label, advocating “organic cotton” and “no harmful chemicals.” “Materials, pesticides or artificial fertilizers” and other factors, but netizens don’t seem to buy it…

“How can a dirty denim tooling that looks like I’m about to throw it out and sell it for $1,400? What’s wrong with people now!!! Can’t you buy a new pair of jeans and go to the lawn for 10 minutes?” Yes Twitter user commented.

“Gucci is estimated to be crazy, $600, can’t I go to the garden and do it myself for free???” another person wrote.

But these comments did not affect Gucci to continue to promote their absurd ideas of fashion clothing. Fortunately, with my current financial ability, I shouldn’t have to worry about not being able to write a buyer show!

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