Types of hair and correct frequency of shampooing, how you prevent the hair loss?

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In hot summer, if you sweat every day, you have to increase the frequency of washing your hair. Washing your hair is really distressing. Washing your hair frequently can not only relieve the heat caused by the hot weather, but also reduce the greasy feeling. But too much washing will stimulate the hair follicles and cause greasy. So what frequency should we choose to wash our hair? This is directly related to skin quality. Let’s break it down in detail.

Oily hair you can wash it once a day

If you don’t wash your hair for a long time, you will become greasy. At this time, the hair follicles are secreted strong, and the hair is really oily, and it is close to the scalp, which is really troublesome. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of hair follicle inflammation, we need to wash our hair once a day to reduce the risk of clogging pores with oil and reduce the presence of bacteria.

Hair with neutral hair you can wash it every other day

Neutral hair is between oily and dry hair, If this hair is not cleaned for a long time, it will cause oil coverage, and it will also be accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Neutral hair is not elastic, dozens of pieces. Hair will become dry and frizzy and dull after washing. For normal hair, you must remember not to wash your hair every day, as this will easily destroy the natural protective layer of the scalp and make the oil secretion imbalance, so it is suitable to wash every other day.

Dry hair can be washed once every 2–3 days

Dry hair is caused by insufficient oil secretion, dry scalp, itchy scalp, increased dandruff, dry hair without luster, and easy knotting. So friends with dry hair can wash their hair once every 2–3 days, because frequent shampooing will make the originally dry hair more likely to break and lose its elasticity. 2–3 days can alleviate the growth of dandruff, change the vitality of the hair, give the hair roots a buffer period, and stabilize the growth.

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