HERMES Kelly take you through the “dream bag” everyone wants in one minute

Everyone who loves bags has a “must have” bag list in their hearts. No matter how the fashion changes, Birkin and Kelly of HERMES will definitely be on the list, the king of the package.

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Many people know that Hermès bags are both noble and difficult to buy, but they don’t know why it is worth the price, and why it can have the status it is now.

In fact, as a brand that has gone through three centuries, every bag that has been named HERMES has a story of its own, and those craftsmen who make bags, rather than call them artisans, should say they are Is the teller of the story.

Today we will listen to the story about Kelly .From 1837 to the present, the HERMES brand has gone through six generations of inheritance, and the memory of bags must start with Mr. Emile Hermes, the third-generation heir of the Hermes family.

HERMES has always been a high-end harness brand in the “teenage” period. However, at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the increase in cars and airplanes made the status of horse-drawn carriages gradually decline in France.

The HERMES family realized that only making harnesses could not support the continuation of the brand, so they began to transform to bags and made a bag to hold those high-priced saddles, and named it “Haut À Courroies”, which is Birkin and Kelly’s prototype.

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Two women destined

In 1899, this leather bag met the most important first woman in its life.

It was the wedding of Emile Maurice Hermes, the third-generation head of HERMES. His wife was very distressed that she could not find a favorite bag in Paris, so romantic Emile redesigned the saddle bag for her. I bought a lady’s handbag “Sac à croire”, also known as Kelly .

When the time came in 1955, Grace Kelly, who was preparing to get engaged, suddenly appeared in the sight of HERMES. The prospective princess of Monaco likes to carry this “Sac à croire” wherever she goes.

Fate seems to have destined this bag to become a classic. One day in 1956, the photographer captured the unmarried and pregnant Grace Kelly with a black “Sac à croire” blocking the slightly raised belly, and then this photo Used as the cover of “Life” magazine .

This made “Sac à croire” once so popular that HERMES could only make a reservation for the bag half a year in advance, so the brand took the opportunity to apply to the Monaco royal family for the bag to be named after the princess. Since then, the Kelly bag officially debuted. .

Four highlights of Kelly

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Superb craftsmanship

A good story, in addition to having a wonderful plot, the storyteller is also important. The craftsmanship and craftsmen of HERMES must be called the best “storyteller”.

Each craftsman Kelly completed a pure working time is 18–24 hours , starting with the selection of leather, Kelly do need to go through a cut, playing Logo printing, stitching, parts production, assembly lined with a series of complicated and precise, etc. work.

HERMES has a very stringent criteria to select the leather, but no matter how expensive rare skin, an entire leather using only the most perfect part, matching lining, screws, buckles and other materials are also specialized craftsmen to Customized, and it’s all documented .

HERMES only uses domestic flax thread, and also created a “ saddle stitch method “. This stitch method was first used to sew a saddle. One thread and two needles were used to pass the thread back and forth through the same hole. Then put beeswax on the seams to ensure the body is firm and good to the touch .

Every completed Kelly bag will be printed with the exclusive mark of the craftsman, and then he is responsible for repairs and maintenance.

Every Kelly bag body, accessories, lining and other materials, as small as a screw and buckle, will be recorded with the craftsman’s number and year of production, so that when the Kelly bag needs to be repaired, the craftsman can follow the information at the time , To help customers restore a Kelly that is almost exactly the same as when it left the factory!

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In addition, Kelly package also outer seam (Sellier) and the slit (retourne) two kinds of production process.

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Outer seam refers to that the side of the bag is stitched on the outer side, and the shape is more stiff and stylish. This kind of production process is more complicated and the price is slightly more expensive than the inner seam.

With the inner seam, the bag looks more vintage and is very suitable for use as a commuter bag.

Carefully selected materials

Kelly made use of as many as 33 kinds , common Kelly cortex there are 11 Zhong!

Box Calf, also known as Veau Leather, is made of calf leather just 3–6 months old. It is also a classic material used by the first generation of Kelly. It can be said to be one of HERMES’s oldest leathers. .


The oily surface is extremely shiny and the leather is lighter.


It is easy to wear and scratch, and it is afraid of being exposed to water. If it encounters a humid environment, blisters may appear.

Epsom is one of the most popular materials in HERMES leather.

The leather is artificially pressed and processed into a natural pattern, which gives the surface a sense of texture, which is smaller than Togo’s wrinkles and harder than Togo.

The leather is hard and very wear-resistant and practical, and it is extremely convenient to clean. Simply wipe the wet cloth gently.

The leather has been artificially processed, which is slightly less natural, and the weight is relatively large, which is not suitable for petite girls.

It is famous for its low-key frosted appearance, and it feels very soft. Although the texture is a bit like velvet, the leather is quite heavy and completely waterproof. It is generally used to make large travel bags.

The most waterproof leather in the cowhide category, water drops will naturally roll off when encountering water, so you are not afraid of rain.

The cortex is too heavy and more mature.

The predecessor was Guilliver, which was discontinued in 1999, and was relaunched in 2005 under the new name Swift.

Swift leather is similar to Box in terms of smoothness, but without the hardness and brightness of Box, it is a semi-soft, semi-matte, fine-grained cowhide material.

It has strong absorption of dyes, so it is very suitable for making various bright colors.As smooth cowhide is very prone to scratches, it needs regular care.

Also known as Veau Taurillon Clemence, or TC for short, Taurillon Clemence leather was first introduced in the 1980s.It has a matte and smooth, uniform texture, with finer grains than Togo bull neck skin, closer to a matte effect.

Because the oil content is higher, the leather is softer and has a drooping feeling, which is easier to maintain.

TC skin is very afraid of water, water droplets will penetrate into the cortex, leaving blisters.

Togo was launched in 1997. It is an adult bull leather (neck leather). It looks a lot like lychee leather. It has large grains and a slight luster. It is the most popular leather for Hermes.

The leather is relatively stiff and easy to maintain its shape. It is not only durable, but also easy to maintain. It is the most suitable entry-level leather for novices.

Togo comes from the neck skin of a bull, so its own weight is relatively large.

Alligator alligator skin is one of the three most common alligator skins in HERMES, mainly from alligators farmed in Florida and China. It is small in size and the price is the cheapest of the three crocodile skins.

Scales cortex was strip, it is divided into a matte surface, and two species.

Hermes alligator leather bags will have a mark beside the bronzing LOGO, and the Alligator mark is “mouth” .

Crocodile Niloticos crocodile leather is also available in frosted and smooth processes, and has larger and wider scales than alligators.

Crocodile Niloticos Nile crocodile skin is marked with “··” , and the price is more expensive than alligators.

The logo of Porosus Crocodile is “^” .

This crocodile lives in South Asia, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. It has a very cruel personality and is mostly wild. Therefore, the leather is extremely scarce and the price is naturally the highest among all crocodile skins.

Bags made of Southeast Asian monitor lizards will have a “ — “ or “=” symbol under the bronzing LOGO.

The lizard skin used by Hermes is a monitor lizard, which is a very large lizard. There are two main types: Varanus Niloticus Lizard and Varanus Salvador Lizard , both of which are rare animals. , So the CITES certificate will be attached to the package.

The small lizard scales on the bag can present a shiny appearance, even if it is a matte effect, it can also have a grainy touch.

But lizard skin is a good-looking but absolutely arrogant leather. The scales are very fragile and need to be waterproof and fade-resistant. The exquisite materials need frequent maintenance to prevent the scales from drying out. It is basically a level that can only be supplied when you buy it home. .

The surface of ostrich leather has regular small dots and pores, and it can also play “discoloration”. The color of the leather will gradually darken with the touch of the hand. If it is exposed to too much sun or the light will gradually fade.

Compared to other rare skin, ostrich skin is very durable, wear-resistant , with a little careful long-term care have no problem!

Wonderful color scheme

Kelly of HERMES has a wide range of colors, and different seasonal colors are launched every year, but the most classic is the “three diamond colors”: Gold golden brown, Etoupe grey elephant gray and Black black.

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Kelly currently has a total of 7 sizes (CM). Generally, their name is based on the length of the bottom side. For example, Kelly 25 is a Kelly bag with a bottom side of 25cm. With the popularity of mini bags, Kelly 15, Kelly 20 And Kelly 25 are very popular.

◆ Kelly 15: 11 x 15 x 5

◆ Kelly 20: 16 x 20 x 10

◆ Kelly 25: 19 x 25 x 9

◆ Kelly 28: 22 x 28 x 10

◆ Kelly 32: 23 x 32 x 10.5

◆ Kelly 35: 24 x 35 x 12

◆ Kelly 40: 28 x 40 x 16

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From the perspective of the upper body effect, Kelly 25 and Kelly 28 may be more suitable for the height of Asian girls. Friends who like to pursue fashion can choose Kelly 20 or 15, which is highly decorative.

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