How abnormal is the privacy protection of iOS 14

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In order to experience the new features, i upgraded the iPhone to the official version of iOS 14 as soon as possible. During these ten days of use, i felt the most important is the perverted level of user privacy protection provided by iOS 14. This is also one of the main reasons i regards the iPhone as its main machine.

1. Location

In order to protect the user’s location information, iOS 14 has added a “approximate location” function. Users can not only choose whether to give the APP location permission, but also provide their approximate location by turning off the “precise positioning”. Through the approximate location, we can not only enjoy the surrounding news and consultations, but also protect our privacy to the greatest extent. We hope that the Android platform can follow up as soon as possible.

2. Picture

Pictures in mobile phones are also one of the most important privacy for users. In iOS 14, photo permissions and options have a new upgrade in addition to the original disallowing access and allowing access to all photos, a new photo selection function has been added. The APP can be allowed to read the selected photos, and the privacy protection of the photos can be raised to a level. However, many apps currently only support one selection, forcing users to give permission to access all photos. I don’t know how Apple will respond.

3. Reminder

When the iPhone calls hardware that may leak user privacy, such as location, microphone, and camera, there will be corresponding reminders in the status bar the reminder location is in the upper left corner of the screen, the location reminder icon is an arrow, and the microphone reminder is a small yellow dot , The camera reminder is a small green dot, which will turn into a small yellow dot for a short time when switching lenses, and the small dot will have a zoom animation. With these three reminders, some apps will call these three hardware privately in time, and users can also get reminders in time.

4. Other

In iOS 14, Apple officially gave users more permissions to be able to use the “widgets” function to make their iPhone unique. This can be regarded as Apple’s compensation for system closure defects. The new Siri and caller interface make iPhone more convenient to handle multitasking, and the new translation function also solves some of the problems in daily life. Added Wubi input method, but unfortunately I didn’t learn it that year. There are some other new features, and everyone who is interested can try them out. However, Apple has officially closed the verification channel of iOS 13.7. After upgrading to iOS 14, it cannot be reduced to iOS 13.7. Upgrade according to your needs.

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