How can hold 125 CPUs! New processor DPU released

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After CPU and GPU, NVIDIA believes that DPU will bring breakthrough network, storage and security performance to the data center. In the GTC 2020 keynote speech held a few days ago, NVIDIA released a new type of processor-BlueField DPU series (Data Processing Unit, data processing unit).

DPU is supported by a new DOCA (Data-Center-Infrastructure-On-A-Chip Architecture) architecture, a new data center IOC (Infrastructure On A Chip) architecture, which can realize a breakthrough network , Storage and safety performance.

NVIDIA founder and CEO Huang Renxun revealed the NVIDIA DPU development roadmap for the next three years. Among them, include the new NVIDIA BlueField -2 series DPU and NVIDIA DOCA software development kit, which can be used to build applications on DPU-accelerated data center infrastructure services.

Huang Renxun said: “The data center has become a new type of computing unit. In a modern and safe accelerated data center, DPU has become an important part of it. The combination of CPU, GPU and DPU can form a fully programmable single AI computing unit. Provide unprecedented security and computing power.”

According to reports, the optimized BlueField-2 DPU can offload critical network, storage and security tasks from the CPU, enabling companies to transform their IT infrastructure into the most advanced data center.

Such data centers can be accelerated, are fully programmable, and have “zero trust” security features to prevent data leakage and cyber attacks.

A single BlueField-2 DPU can provide data center services equivalent to consuming 125 CPU cores. This frees up valuable CPU cores to run various other enterprise applications.

It is reported that the world’s leading server manufacturers plan to integrate NVIDIA DPU in their enterprise server products, including Asus, Atos, Dell Technologies, Fujitsu, Gigabyte, New H3C, Inspur, Lenovo, Yunda Technology and Supermicro.

It is understood that NVIDIA’s current DPU series includes two PCIe products:

BlueField-2 DPU integrates NVIDIA Mellanox ConnectX-6 Dx smart network card, combined with Arm core, realizes fully programmable, provides 200Gb/s data transmission rate, and accelerates key data center security, network and storage tasks, including Isolation, root of trust, key management, RDMA/RoCE, GPU Direct, elastic block storage, data compression, etc.

BlueField-2X DPU has all the key features of BlueField-2 DPU. In addition, the AI ​​functions of the NVIDIA Ampere GPU, which can be applied to data center security, network, and storage tasks, are constantly enhancing these key features.

BlueField-2X DPU is based on NVIDIA’s third-generation Tensor Core core and can use AI for real-time security analysis, including identification of abnormal traffic prompting theft of secrets, wire-speed encrypted traffic analysis, host self-check for malicious activities, and dynamic security orchestration automated response (SOAR).

BlueField-2 DPU is currently available for samples and is expected to be used in new systems from leading server manufacturers in 2021. The BlueField-2X DPU is under development and is expected to be available in 2021.

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