How Google AdWords help your product marketing better!

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Google AdWords is a paid network promotion method that uses Google keyword advertising or Google’s global content network to promote websites.

It is usually the best choice for frequent overseas marketing. It can drive a lot of high-quality traffic. You can choose a variety of advertising formats including text, image and video ads. If you also want to generate revenue through Google AdWords marketing, then this article meets your needs and will bring you long-term benefits:

Why choose Google AdWords? What are its marketing advantages?

First of all, because its media carrier is the Google search engine.

Second, it has the following advantages:

(1) Precise positioning

With Google’s many targeting options, business owners can ensure that their ads are shown only to potential customers. Business owners can filter audiences based on geographic location, age, keywords, etc.

(2) Target specific equipment

Google AdWords allows businesses to choose on which devices their ads are displayed. For the search network, you can choose between desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

(3) Pay only for results

It can be said that this is the biggest advantage of advertising on Google AdWords. With AdWords, companies only pay for clicks on ads, not for impressions. This is called the Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising model. This way, businesses only pay when users take steps to view their website, saving money.

(4) Performance tracking

Google AdWords enables companies to track the effectiveness of their advertising. This means that you can track the number of users who have clicked on the ad. With AdWords, you can also track the number of users who have taken specific actions after viewing your website.

Google AdWords advertising types are divided into search advertising (Search), display advertising (Display), video advertising (Video), Gmail advertising, shopping advertising (Shopping).

So, how do we use Google AdWords to achieve promotion ?

1. Search Ads

When users search for product-related information, they appear in the blank part of the webpage on the right side of the product search box. Target users accurately and pay for results. The working principle is to match the keywords set by the advertisement according to the words or phrases searched by the user, and the matching and high-quality advertisements may be displayed in the user’s search results.

In addition, when setting up search ads, you can also choose to add display ads at the same time to expand coverage.

2. Display ads

It is to display advertising pictures directly in front of users, many websites, mobile applications and video content to highlight the selling point of the product.

• Advertisers can display advertisements according to specific audience groups, such as users who have visited the website, users who have added products to the shopping cart but have not placed an order, users who may be interested in purchasing specific products, and have obvious demographic characteristics Users, etc.

• Advertisers can target content to display ads on webpages or websites with specific categories of content.

3. Video ads

YouTube is a video site owned by Google and is the largest video site in the world. YouTube combines video and community services. When users watch videos, video ads use multiple targeting methods to form ads that interact with the video.

This video ad is divided into three types: TrueView in-stream ads, TrueView video discovery ads and bumper ads

TrueView in-stream ads: In-stream ads that can be placed before, during, or after other YouTube videos are played, and can also be placed on websites, games, or apps on the entire Display Network, or placed on other websites Served in YouTube videos.

TrueView video discovery ads: This type of advertising is limited to being placed on Youtube. When the user clicks on the thumbnail of the ad, the ad video will be played on YouTube or the channel homepage.

bumper ads is a short video advertising format that can be used to attract customers and increase brand awareness.

4. Gmail ads

Gmail is a mail product of Google and has 1 billion active users. Gmail ads can be directly displayed interactive ads for users through the top of the inbox of the email. The ads contain pictures, videos or embedded forms, with personalized formats and Connect with potential customers.

5. Shopping ads

Ads containing product photos, names, prices, store names, etc. will appear in the user’s search results.

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