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Google Maps is well known and is the most popular map tool in the world. What are the functions of Google Maps? Please see below:

1. Satellite image browsing worldwide

2. Browse the global digital elevation model

3. Set a specific place as a point of interest, which can be directly accessed next time.

4. Simple distance calculation, area calculation, etc. can be performed

5. Registered users can submit their own photos and other information, which can be directly marked on the image map.

For ordinary people, maps are just maps, used for navigation, etc., but for many people who do business, they have already smelled business opportunities, yes! Below I will focus on how to use Google Maps to develop customers.

Of course, you can go to Google to find it by yourself, but manual efficiency is too low after all. Here is a software “Turing Search” to quickly improve your efficiency in developing customers.

Now I will share with you the method of using Google Maps to develop foreign customers.

Locate a city in any country and enter industry keywords to search for potential business information (company name, website, email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn) within a range of 50 kilometers

In addition, you can directly visit the customer’s official website by clicking on the searched customer website

Each piece of information can be viewed through the Goolgle map to view the buyer’s actual situation, as well as the scores of customers who have had business in the past, which can accurately determine the true quality and scale of the buyer. Such precious resources must of course be used well. Register to try to search for customer information

Moreover, you can dig deeper into more important contact emails through the website or company name.

Like doing foreign trade for so long, there must be a lot of customers’ purchase data, business cards, or some foreign customers’ product albums, samples, finished products, etc. Some customer business cards, although they belong to your customer company, the contact person is not a purchaser, and there is no reply after the contact, and there is only the official website on the sample. At this time, use the decision maker to dig out the decision maker.

The most important thing is that you can directly match the LinkedIn page, query the position of the customer, and analyze the quality of the customer!

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