How the Instagram helps you sell the products

The launch of Instagram shopping posts function has brought advertisers and potential customers closer than ever. With this feature, Instagram users can complete the entire purchase process within the app. Once this feature is successfully enabled, what you will be able to achieve is-”Marking products is as easy as marking users.”

At present, 80% of Instagram users (800 million users) have followed the “Instagram Shop” account, and 200 million users access more than one corporate account every day.

Instagram shopping post appearance

Shopping posts usually have a “tap to view product” pop-up window or a “shopping bag” white icon (example).

In addition, users can enter your website from the “Shop” on the homepage of your business account to purchase goods.

If you are a small business and want to find an alternative solution to use Instagram to attract traffic, here is a Linkin bio feature. It can also help you achieve (available for non-corporate accounts):

•Share multiple links in your Instagram profile

• Link personal Instagram posts to specific articles, websites, videos, etc.

• Add multiple links to one Instagram post

Before using Instagram shopping posts, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. You must be located in one of the following countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain or Australia

2. You need an Instagram business account

3. You need to use the latest version of Instagram APP for iOS or Android.

4. Your business must sell physical products that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and business policies .

5. Your business account must be associated with a Facebook directory (you can operate it on the business manager, or you can create and manage it directly on your Facebook public homepage or through Shopify or BigCommerce).

If you meet the above requirements, you can easily add Instagram as a sales channel to your Shopify or BigCommerce store without paying extra.

Once your store is approved, you can select “Shopping” in the “Business Settings” of the Instagram APP to enable this feature.

Instagram shop steps

1. Use Facebook Business Manager to create a Facebook directory

The Facebook Catalog in the Facebook Business Manager is essentially a file that contains a list of all the products you want to sell.

First, enter the Business Manager account that contains the Facebook Page associated with your Instagram business account.

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In the Business Manager account, you can create a new directory or select an existing directory you want.

First, open “Business Manager Settings” and click “People and Assets”. Here, you will find the Catalogs option. Click “+Add” and select “Create New Product Catalog”.

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You need to name the product catalog and select the category that needs to be added before you can add it to the product feed.

In particular, you need to keep your product catalog in sync with Facebook Page, and ensure the accuracy of product descriptions and prices. If you want to promote, you need to be able to reflect in your product catalog.

2. Use Shopify or BigCommerce to create a store on Facebook


Another way to associate an Instagram business account with a Facebook directory is directly through Shopify or BigCommerce.

You need to add Facebook as a sales channel in your Shopify store to create a “Shop (shop)” tab on the Facebook page to display Shopify products.

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After completing the above operations, you can easily add the Instagram sales channel to the Shopify store and complete the association between Shopify products and Instagram corporate accounts.

Operation steps: Enter the Shopify administrator interface, click the “+” button next to “Sales Channels” to complete the addition.

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Next, you need to log in to your Facebook account to verify the Instagram account used as a sales channel.

After setting up the Instagram sales channel, you can select “Shopping” in the “Business Settings” of the Instagram APP to enable this function.

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First, open “Channel Manager” on your BigCommerce account and click “Get Started” next to Facebook.

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Then, confirm that you are using a compatible currency, register a Facebook account (if you don’t have an account), and check the product requirements, and finally click “Open”.

Next, you need to fill in your detailed information on the “Configuration” page, including email, phone, and Facebook public homepage.

After Facebook approves your catalog, go back to the “Channel Manager”, click “Open” next to Instagram, and reconfirm whether your store meets the relevant requirements.

3. Link your website to your Instagram business account

After completing the above steps, Instagram will review your account before unlocking its shopping posts feature.

According to Instagram, the approval process can take anywhere from several hours to several days. After the review is successfully passed, you will receive a notification reminder.

The next step is to associate your product catalog with your Instagram account.

Go back to the “Shopping” section in Instagram settings and click “Products”. Here, you can check the product catalogs that need to be linked to the corporate account.

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Steps to mark products in Instagram shopping posts:

4. Upload pictures that need to be marked

As with other posts, upload photos to Instagram. After adding effects and filters, click “Next”.

5. On the post setting page, add the products that need to be marked

When your business account successfully activates the shopping function, you will find the option to mark products in the interface where you usually add titles and other information.

Next, enter the product name of the product to be tagged, and select the product name that appears in the search box.

Once completed, you can successfully publish your post.

In addition, you can tag products with old popular posts in your Instagram business account. Moreover, each single picture post allows up to 5 products to be tagged, and a multi-photo (carousel picture) post allows 20 products to be tagged.

6. Activate the “Shop” tab on the homepage of your Instagram account

You need to create at least 9 shopping posts to be able to activate the “Shop” tab on the homepage. By opening this section, all your shopping posts can be grouped into one tab, so that users can more easily view your products and purchase.

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