How to sell on Shopee? What products are the most import categories and products which are selling well?

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The troubles of doing shopee now are different from when I joined shopee. When I joined at that time, I didn’t think about what products to sell, but what to sell. At that time, the types of products on the shopee platform were not very rich, so as long as Sellers can place orders and make money by simply ordering products. This is what everyone calls the platform’s bonus period.

We thought the most troublesome thing at the time was the inability to operate, and there was not much information available on the Internet. As a new platform, no one had done it yet, and there was no advice given to us by anyone. Everything was blind. touch.

Now the information on the Internet is more and more extensive, and the accompanying product types are also more abundant, and everyone does not know what to choose.

Let’s first list which types of products on shopee in Asia are hot

The first category, women’s clothing category includes shoes, bags, accessories

The second category, household, kitchen supplies, bedroom supplies and living room supplies

The third category, mothers and babies, more of them are clothing and toys. Complementary food accessories, relatively light and easy to export products

The fourth category, beauty customers , this category is a very popular category. Beauty tools, various skin care products.

These product categories are relatively large, and may require a relatively large support force. Take women’s clothing as an example. Women’s clothing is very profitable, has a large sales volume, and has a high flow rate, but the effort is proportional to the harvest;

While making women’s clothing so many advantages, it also has the fastest update speed, and it is also very difficult to control the amount of warehouse. If your shop is small, the company can not support much, so it is not recommended to small Sellers who do women’s clothing, because it is easy to fail to keep up with the rhythm, have been unable to keep up with the rhythm, sooner or later, the platform will be brushed down.

The most direct and effective way to choose a product is to start with the category you are good at. If you have a certain research on women’s bag products, you can go to the shop front desk to search. You can search through keywords to observe the top ten products in sales and analyze and summarize. Their characteristics, you can even choose to follow the sale, as soon as possible to understand the main consumer demand for such products and shopping preferences.

Selection steps:

Looking for superior resources — market research — product positioning — profit analysis — product production — quality monitoring — product launch

Product selection is not simply the end of finding a suitable product. From the initial search for advantageous resources to the final product launch, it is indispensable. The lack of any link in the product selection process is likely to bring serious consequences for later product operations.

Then in the product selection step, if you have a specific category, it is most important to do a market research and analysis. Without this analysis, there will be no subsequent product positioning and analysis profits.

When you don’t know what product to choose, first investigate the foreign market you are facing. For example, Shopee, which is mainly consumers in Southeast Asia, then investigate what products and what consumers in the six Southeast Asian countries like. Such consumption habits, what are the requirements for product prices.

You can also search for news on Google, including various local department stores to look at clothing styles and daily necessities.

For offline supermarkets and shopping malls that are very common, it is recommended not to start. Before fully grasping the consumption habits of foreign consumers, you can add more novel products.

The calculation formula of profit rate:

Product profit = retail price-supplier quotation-international logistics cost-comprehensive cost (labor cost, platform cost, packaging cost, promotion cost, etc.) . For the specific method, you can choose a model store, look at its product price and sales volume, and then find a similar selection supplier on 1688 to get a rough idea of ​​the cost, and then you can roughly know whether the product is profitable and how profitable it is. Generally, high-quality cross-border products will have a profit of 5–10 times.

After choosing the product, there are some small things that need to be noticed

①Accurate price positioning, set high prices unambiguously, and position and price products according to market conditions

②Ensure that the product styles are complete, and the product styles are not complete, which can easily reduce the goodwill of customers to the store

③ Highlight the selling point of the product, directly show the demand and selling point of the product, and let everyone know what the main function of the product is at a glance

④ To ensure the stability of the supply, the various after-sales problems caused by the shortage of goods are not worth the loss.

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