How to unlock iPhone if you forget the password?

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People often say that it is easy to forget this and that when you are old. This has nothing to do with age. It is just that there are more trivial things and chores, and it is normal to forget it easily. Forgetting the phone password is also the most common thing that happens between us.

Recently, some users told the crazy master, what should I do if I forget the lock screen password of my iPhone? We all know that mobile phone lock screens are limited to the number of times. If it is an Android phone, it is okay. The key is that the Apple mobile phone system is different from the Android system, and it is more troublesome to unlock it.

Since some users have responded, I believe that other friends will encounter such problems. Today, i will teach you how to solve this problem in three steps.

1. Start Crazy Master Apple Password Unlock (iMyFone LockWiper)

After launching the software, click “ Unlock Screen Password “ mode

Click “ Start “ to begin the process


1) After the screen is unlocked, all data on the device will be cleared.

2) The device will be updated to the latest version of the Apple system.

3) Please ensure that the connection between the device and the computer is stable.

Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer, and then click “ Next “ to start loading your device information.

If the device cannot be recognized, please check the USB connection and plug it in again. If still not recognized, put your device into “ DFU/Recovery Mode

2. Download the firmware package

The software will automatically detect your device model, select the firmware version provided, and then click “ Download

If the download fails, you can click “ Copy “ to download the firmware package in the browser.

If you have already downloaded the firmware package on your computer, please click “ Select “ to add it.

Please wait a few minutes to download and verify the firmware package.

After the verification is successful, click “ Start Decompression “ and wait for it to complete.

3. Unlock screen password

Click “ Start Unlock “. During the unlocking process, please keep the device connected to the computer via the USB cable.

Please read the precautions carefully and enter “ 000000 “ to confirm that you agree to unlock your device, and then click “ Unlock “.

If your device cannot automatically enter the recovery mode, the system will guide you to put the device into “ DFU/Recovery Mode “ following the manual instructions .

In just a few minutes, the screen lock will be released.

Now it’s done! Your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen password has been successfully unlocked!

Tip: Put your device into DFU/recovery mode

If the device cannot be detected normally during the process of loading device information or unlocking, you need to manually enter it into DFU/recovery mode.

Select the device model “Other iDevices”, “iPhone 7/7 Plus” or “iPhone 8/Later”. Then follow the software interface instructions to put the device into DFU mode.

If the device cannot enter DFU mode, please click “ Put device into recovery mode “ at the bottom to try recovery mode.

Then select the device model “Other iDevices”, “iPhone 7/7 Plus” or “iPhone 8/Later” in the top bar to view the instructions.

The above is an introduction to the method of unlocking the screen password of Apple mobile phone. Here, i reminds everyone to set up a gesture lock or digital lock that is easy to remember. Once you have forgotten the password, it will be very troublesome.

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