How to wear ordinary clothes? Simple is not simple but fashionable

In fact, most of our daily clothes are ordinary styles. There are no exaggerated designs and no special colors.

However, even ordinary, there are amazing moments belonging to it.

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How do ordinary clothes look fashionable and quality? This depends on our ability to match, but also on our attitude towards “ordinary”. In fact, ordinary clothes that walk in everyday life are the clothes that have real contact with us .Putting on simple clothes, you have to learn to filter, sort out your emotions, dress lightly, walk into the ordinary clothes, and get along with your true self .When people gradually mature, they will get rid of the extravagance. Life is plain and sincere, and the passing years have become more simple and beautiful. Days become pure and simple, and a person’s life will become more and more alive.

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No matter how many piles in the closet, it is just a “scrap” of the cabinet without good texture.Excessive attention to external flashy, clothing quantity and popular styles will naturally reduce the requirements for texture. Only by shifting the focus and looking for a good texture can the texture of clothing be improved.

Just like when we eat, if we only seek to be full and eat more, we will naturally not be able to eat good things. When your requirements for “food” rise to “goods”, the good quality of life will be traced back to the source.

The more mature a person, the more fashionable the concept and way of life, and the higher the requirements for quality. And the really good product quality never need external form of publicity.

For example, silk, at first glance, is smooth and flat and has no characteristics, but when you look closely, it is densely patterned, and the atmosphere is all in the outline.

People with good taste and high aesthetics never need to bluff. Because she has confidence, she knows that she is wearing a good texture and a very elegant tailoring.

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There are always people who feel that once they dress simple and live a simple life, they lose their charm and desires. In fact, true simplicity is another form of elegance.My Aunt said that “elegance and wisdom coexist” .

Because elegance is not superficial, not hypocritical pretense, but wisdom accumulated over the years, it is the style after taste and aesthetics have been nurtured and developed. It is simple in dress, rich in thought, and full of education.

Such a person, even if wearing a simple black dress and white clothes, can bring beauty shock. Her every move was silently amplified because of the simplicity of her clothes. What is left is the charm and quality behind the clothes.

We will not use “elegance” to describe a young man, because most young people often fail to see themselves and live in all directions. They only take the outermost layer.

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Only those who have passed the precipitation of time, the influence of knowledge, and the introspection of aesthetics can see the elegant quality, which is originally simple and calm.

With simple dressing, simple eating, and simple living , life will not be exciting?

In fact, those who choose the simple way have the richest lives .Living alone, far from the bustling city, all you can see is green water and green mountains. When a friend came to talk, he opened the door to greet him without having to talk, sitting quietly under the window to feel the physical and mental healing.

In such a deserted and simple life, some people see loneliness and quietness, while others see rich peace. It is a person who abandons the dust in the vast aesthetic world of nature and harvests the true meaning of life and aesthetics.

So don’t simply think that dressing is simple, it can’t be sexy or passionate.

Simplicity does not mean black, white, gray and loose robes, but a natural charm without whitewashing.

Either sexy or bright, or pearly or dazzling or wearing a cloth. All are calm and natural.

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However, in an era when aesthetic taste and personal characteristics are getting weaker and weaker, we have less and less valued “simple”.

Whether it’s mood, clothing or life. Keeping its simplicity and creating a clean and simple image can actually reduce a lot of negative energy for yourself.

In a simple mindset, I will become more and more sunny, rich and wonderful.

“The best state of life is the deserted wind and fire.” Traveling through the world, the final result is the joy of returning to the original.

We can interpret “simplicity” in various ways, the “minimalism” in fashion art, and the “disappearance” in lifestyle, but there is no one way to explain what simple richness is. Maybe it’s wearing black, white and gray with radiance in the eyes; it’s the emptiness of life, the rich and vast spirit; it’s the simple and ordinary on the surface of love, and the water flowing behind it.

I hope you and I all understand that some things are as light as water, but they actually contain magnificent waves.

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