HTC VIVE XR SUITE virtual application set is released and now supports multiple sales channels

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HTC VIVE officially announced the price, purchase channels, and the latest updates of the software in the new integrated XR Suite virtual application package on its virtual meeting platform VIVE Sessions.

The newly integrated XR Suite virtual application suite mainly includes the following functions:

1. Single sign-on (SSO): Use one account to safely log in and access all the software in the XR Suite suite;

2. Applicable to multiple types of terminal devices: support the full interaction of PCs, mobile phones, tablets and most major VR devices;

3. Support global access: server optimization can provide stable services for access from different regions of the world. With enhanced multilingual user interface (UI) and local support in each region;

4. Deep link: You can easily enter any virtual scene from a simple web link (coming soon);

5. Customizable virtual image: customize your most characteristic virtual image;

6. Unified UI/UX: The appearance of all software in the package has been unified. The custom 3D interface has its own characteristics;

7. Enterprise management: centralized and safe management of applications and users.

Chairman and CEO of HTC, said: “Innovation is a philosophy that HTC upholds. The launch of the Vive XR Suite virtual application suite is a significant advancement for HTC in the software field. This makes it safer and more innovative through the use of spatial computing technology. It is possible to solve today’s most pressing problems in a way. Through HTC’s resources to support these applications, we can ensure that business customers around the world can get the system scalability and professional support they need.

VIVE Sync — Upgrading the meeting format Vive Sync is an all-in-one meeting and collaboration solution based on VR. It is a safe and intuitive VR tool that allows teams and partners to connect and collaborate in a shared virtual space. With Vive Sync, you can easily customize your avatar, create private meeting rooms, and communicate face-to-face with colleagues around the world. David Sapienza, Assistant President of Content Production for HTC Vive, said: “Vive Sync goes beyond productivity. Its realistic avatars, easy-to-use UI and tools enable teams to build relationships and cultivate a culture of success, as if they had a face-to-face meeting. As XR Part of the Suite suite, Vive Sync provides users with a safe, reliable and convenient way to integrate VR into their processes to improve collaboration efficiency and teamwork spirit.”

VIVE Sessions — Redefining the distance: Vive Sessions is a leading VR platform supported by Engage for large-scale conferences, exhibitions and education training. Users can easily customize VR activities with thousands of 3D models, special effects, audio effects and multiple virtual scenes. David Whelan, CEO of IVRE (Engage), said: “We are very happy to work closely with Vive on XR Suite to help provide cutting-edge technology for this new world. Cooperation with Vive ensures that we use the best technology first to ensure our Customers can get the functions they need for remote gathering and collaboration within VR.”

VIVE Campus — Enhancing community relations: Vive Campus is supported by Virbela, redefining the remote Vive campus, and providing a permanent virtual office or learning environment that mimics the real world to enhance natural communication and collaboration. Users can expand their work capabilities in a private, virtual, and always-on workspace. Powerful communication tools (including voice, text, and facial expressions) enable seamless collaboration between large and small teams. Alex Howland, Co-founder and President of Virbela, said, “Virbela is honored to be part of the Vive XR Suite and provide a collaborative virtual environment for users around the world. We believe that Vive Campus will completely change the way the VR world operates and provide people with a safe Place where they can study, work and participate in activities together.”

VIVE Social — Expand the scope of gatherings: Vive Social is a virtual community software provided by VRChat. Users can experience an ever-expanding virtual world supported by a passionate community. Users can create communities and virtual images; they can interact with other users and share virtual experiences. This platform has grown to a community of millions of users and a group of passionate creators who have published tens of millions of unique content. This kind of open creativity and motivation to share in an active environment brings endless joy and wonderful experience to users. Co-founder and CEO of VRChat said, “VRChat is very pleased to see that it can play a role in the corporate space as part of XR Suite. VRChat has reached millions of people in the consumer sector and hopes to use XR Suite to help Enhancing corporate space!”.

VIVE Museum — Reconstructing Culture: The Vive Museum, supported by MOR, provides new opportunities for the museum’s cultural reconstruction and the creation and display of artists, and sharing works with the world. It provides exquisite venues, large-scale multi-person communication and easy navigation. CEO of MOR, said: “In the past two years, MOR has worked closely with HTC to provide a VR museum experience unprecedented in the world. We are delighted to be selected as part of the Vive XR Suite and start serving as a commercial user Provide help they can’t even imagine now. We look forward to working with HTC to achieve normalcy in the next few years.”

At the press conference, HTC also announced the progress of cooperation with many partners. The global PC leader Hewlett-Packard has pre-installed the Vive XR Suite virtual application suite in its mainstream thin and light business notebook 66, which is expected to be on sale at the end of 2020. HTC Vive will also strengthen close cooperation with partners such as Nvidia to promote the popularization of XR Suite in all walks of life. Pico, iQiyi, Skyworth and other Vive Wave partners will also continue to cooperate with HTC Vive and work together to develop the VR software and hardware industry. Nreal CEO and founder said: “Nreal is very pleased to join hands with HTC to step into the next enterprise digital era.”

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