In this world there is no mysterious force only four fundamental forces control everything

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All forces in the universe are invisible, but they are no longer mysterious in the scientific world. It’s just that no picture can draw the shape of these forces. It can only be imagined.

All celestial bodies in the universe are controlled by invisible forces. This invisible force is gravitation. Although you know that gravitation exists everywhere in this world, can you see and feel it? So it is intangible.

The scientific community now knows that there are four basic forces in this world, namely, universal gravitation, electromagnetic force, strong force and weak force. All world matter and phenomena that we see and cannot see are driven by these four basic forces. Controlled.

Therefore, it can be said that these four basic powers are the four great monsters that play in our world, and no one can escape their palms.

Some people always say that some mysterious power is controlling something, and all sorts of unpredictable rumors spread from this. In fact, they are all nonsense, and there is no real and conclusive evidence. Some are conjectures, some are deliberately deliberate, some are deliberate, some are delusional, some are hallucinations, and so on.

If you don’t believe it, some people who are begging for nothing will go to the scientific world to show evidence, squat to the end, and show evidence.

If it can be proved that the fifth power is actually discovered, it is a great discovery that is earth-shattering. Not only will the Nobel Prize be handed in hand, it will also rule scientific progress for a long time in the future.

What I am saying here is not to say that the future of science will end, and there will be no new discoveries or new forces. But if we say yes, we must have rigorous discovery and experimental evidence or mathematical axiom logic as the confidence to be able to truly achieve something.

And those people who are mysterious every day, don’t even know the four basic powers, but insist on saying that they have mysterious powers. Isn’t this bullshit?

Spatio-temporal communication doesn’t know much about the four basic forces anymore, and I only know a little bit about it, but before I have thoroughly studied it, I will not easily deny this discovery and that. I just chuckle a “theory”. This may be the basic science literacy.

Among the four forces, gravitational and electromagnetic forces are long-range forces with an infinite range. The strong force and the weak force are short-range forces, and the range of action is only 10^-15 meters and 10^-18 meters respectively.

In this way, the first two forces are macroscopic forces, acting on macroscopic things; while the latter two forces can only be microscopic forces, acting only between particles.

The strength ranking of these four basic forces is strong force, electromagnetic force, weak force and gravitational force. It can be seen that gravity is the weakest force. If the force of the strong force is taken as 1, the force of the electromagnetic force is 1/137, the weak force is 10^-13, and the gravitational force is 10^-39. The strength of each force differs by orders of magnitude.

What we often encounter or feel in our lives are gravitational and electromagnetic forces. These forces are everywhere and dominate our lives.

Gravity is the essential attribute of mass. Anything with mass has gravity. But because gravity is the weakest of the four forces, it is difficult to sense.

But many times, we can indirectly feel the power of this kind of power.

For example, the gravity of the earth, the most obvious thing is that you can’t jump too high if you want to jump, and if you jump down at a high place, the higher you will fall, the harder you will fall. If you exceed 10 meters, you will fall into a meatloaf. . This is the effect of gravity on you.

The launch of a spacecraft must reach the first or second cosmic speed before it can compete with the gravity of the earth or escape the gravity of the earth. All celestial bodies move under the action of gravity, so gravity shows almost all macroscopic phenomena.

Except for gravity, all phenomena that happen in our lives are electromagnetic forces at work.

Everything we are familiar with, such as our electricity, factory production activities, plant growth, molecular motion, friction, and mechanical force, are all manifestations of electromagnetic force.

Weak force and strong force are the forces that work in the microscopic field, so I won’t discuss them here.

The scientific community is working hard to integrate these four basic forces into a framework to form a unified theory.

At present, the unification of the other three forces except gravity has been basically solved. Whoever can unify gravity will have a huge impetus for mankind to understand the world. The Nobel Prize is waiting for him.

All disasters on the earth are related to these four basic forces, and can be explained by these four basic forces. There is no mysterious power. But these four basic forces are just a framework. From a deeper level, there are many aspects of the performance of the four basic forces, and specific analysis of specific situations is necessary, and the problem cannot be solved in a big talk.

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