Inhuman life of Entrepreneurs

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What is the life state of entrepreneurs? I believe that all those who have already started their own businesses, he began to slowly understand. But people before starting a business can’t imagine it. Maybe people who are already starting a business have not encountered some situations, and you will encounter them in the future. So today I also want to talk to you. What kind of life do entrepreneurs live? In a word, I think entrepreneurs live an inhuman life.

I once joked with my friends, I said that the general manager is not a human job. Of course, entrepreneurs are more pressured than general managers. Here we use the general manager to refer to entrepreneurs. why? Whether it’s the entrepreneur or the general manager. Is the boss. The life of the boss seems to be a beautiful life, because everyone listens to you, and everyone looks forward to you, but in fact it is not a life for people. First of all, for the boss, you can’t have your own emotions, even if you are in a terrible mood now, you have to accept an interview from the media next minute. You have to put on a smiling face within a second and start talking about the things that should be talked about. The same is true for the staff meeting, and the same for the cadre meeting. No matter how many things you are upset about right now, as soon as the meeting time comes, we will be able to get on stage and walk on stage. You must first of all talk about what topic and think about the topic that should be said. Regardless of the subject of the lawsuit that was full of your head a second ago, you must tune into the channel you should talk about after a second and talk about these topics.

Second, we must speak full of energy, that kind of life. He is asking you a very powerful kind of self-discipline. So first of all, in the life of an entrepreneur, he cannot be like ordinary people, with your own emotional fluctuations, which are determined by your own emotions. You are a leader, and everyone is watching you. When everyone has no idea, you must be able to give an idea. When people need you to do something, you must do something, this is a typical state.

Second, as the boss, you have to bear all the ultimate pressure. Anyone in the company can tell you that I have tried my best or ask you for help, asking you to ask for support. Only the boss, no one can ask for help. Because the sky is falling and there is a tall man against it, you are the tallest person in the company. You have no one to ask, all the original people ask for your help. You have to resist it yourself. You have to bear the ultimate responsibility, you have to solve problems that no one can solve. You are going to clean up a mess that everyone left behind. This is a state of life for entrepreneurs.

Third, as an entrepreneur, you have to give everyone an explanation. Employees, you have to give an explanation, because they need a stable job. You can’t say which day the company will be bad. Layoffs, of course, should be layoffs, but when layoffs, your psychological pressure is already quite high. If the employee wants a higher income, it may have a more comfortable working environment. So you have a responsibility to employees. You also have a responsibility to your partners, your co-founders, and your team members.

Because you need to take them to victory. You need to give each of them a bigger stage continuously. He can’t always be the vice president, he also hopes to have the opportunity to be his own, and hope to have a bigger stage. Then you need to take the entire company and continue to grow and develop, to give an explanation to all of your small partners who started your business together. At the same time, you also need to give investors an explanation. Although investors have invested money in you, you are grasshoppers on a rope. Many times you cannot raise funds. What to do then? Many entrepreneurs choose to take this responsibility. Therefore, for the founder, he does not bear limited responsibility, but unlimited responsibility not only for the time he has invested in this company, but also all his mental energy, all spirit and all life. No way, this is reality.

Even the founder has to give the customer an explanation. Once your products and services are bad, the implications are also great. So as the founder of the company, he has to give everyone an explanation. This pressure is very huge, and this sense of responsibility is also very huge. All entrepreneurs actually live this kind of life. Sometimes a lot of people who have not started a business say, oops, entrepreneurship is a very glorious thing, because you see all the media, they are reporting, and then all the spotlights are on the entrepreneurs, it is him. After it has been successful. We can’t just see this thief eating meat and not seeing this thief being beaten.

What you see are those one out of ten thousand successful entrepreneurs. The media’s attention and reports on them. And the vast majority of entrepreneurs. He is still struggling to survive every day. The stage won’t give them, you can’t see them at all. There are even many entrepreneurs who have gone bankrupt, and you have no idea. But I tell you. All entrepreneurs need to live a stressful life. They can’t have their own emotions, they must do what they have set to do at the set time. He needs to give everyone an explanation. He is the last line of defense and he cannot retreat at any time. Anyone under his staff cannot solve a problem, he must solve it. This is the responsibility of entrepreneurs.

So what kind of life state will entrepreneurs be like? First of all, it is obvious that entrepreneurs have no life. Workers say that they work 8 hours, go to work at 9 o’clock, and leave work at 6 o’clock. Then within 8 hours is my job and 8 hours beyond is my life. For entrepreneurs, it has no life time. He is working 7 times 24 hours. This aspect is due to his entrepreneurial responsibility. On the other hand, it is because when entrepreneurs start a business, conditions are often very difficult. Maybe a formal company needs 10 people to do it. In a startup company, only 5 people do it, or only 6 people do it. Therefore, this kind of work intensity and work commitment of entrepreneurs is extremely huge. Once you start a business, in fact, you lose your life state, it’s all working state. This is also why many entrepreneurs will suffer from insomnia once they start a business, and their hair will fall badly, and the old will be bad. This is due to the pressure of his life. Of course, I am not a person who looks at things from this perspective. I have been writing a sentence in the book. I say that entrepreneurship is the most beautiful way of life in peacetime.

First of all, entrepreneurship is a way of life. He is neither particularly tall, nor particularly low. It’s not like 30 years ago when you said that entrepreneurs are bad guys and people who go to the sea, nor are you talking about entrepreneurs as entrepreneurial heroes now. In my opinion, entrepreneurship is just a way of life. He is no different from whether you choose to study or choose to enter politics. He is just a way of life. But the way of life of entrepreneurship is indeed the most beautiful way of life in peacetime.

How to say it? He is very colorful. He will experience a lot of joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows. Let’s put it this way, the joys and sorrows and joys and sorrows you have experienced during the year of starting a business. It’s someone you don’t start a business, you will experience it in 5 years. So it can be said that entrepreneurship is like watching movies and novels. He concentrated and intensified the contradictions in the world. On a smaller stage, in a shorter period of time, use stronger colors of joy, anger, sorrow, and joy. Released concentrate, this is a literary work, and entrepreneurship is very similar.

One year for entrepreneurs is equivalent to 5 years for non-entrepreneurs. So if you are a person who likes challenges and changes. Then you must choose the lifestyle of entrepreneurship. He must make you live a wonderful life. When you are remembering in the future, you will tell a lot of this kind of narrative stories, challenges and successes. But if you are a person who does not like change, likes certainty, and likes ease, you must not choose a life state like entrepreneurship. And only those who like the entrepreneurial life state to start a business, he can enjoy it. He can also carry the inhuman life I just mentioned. Because for entrepreneurs, he doesn’t think that inhuman life is an inhuman life, he enjoys it. He enjoys that kind of life. For people who are not suitable for entrepreneurship, life is really an inhuman life. You want to open your eyes every day and think, how much money do you owe?

Because before many startups have made products and found ways to sell, he has no income. All people are costs and expenses. The cost and expenses for that year were fixed, and it was a fixed number every day. So many entrepreneurs told me that I opened my eyes in the morning and said, Oh, I owe another 50,000 USD. Because talking about all the costs and expenses today, this is the money, and I have to think about how to earn this money. That kind of life pressure is not something ordinary people can enjoy. Only those who like to start a business and those who like challenges will like this kind of challenge.

So I have always emphasized that for entrepreneurs, they must be able to enjoy life. You must be able to adjust your mindset. And will quickly adjust their mentality. When you encounter a setback, can you convince yourself quickly? Let yourself come out of frustration. I don’t know how many people have watched that famous movie called Gone with the Wind. It’s a novel and it goes with the wind. It’s called Scarlett when he wrote about the American Civil War. He is a very good person to adjust himself. When the South was defeated, the army from the North went to the South. Scarlett’s father. Because I couldn’t stand the stimulus of such a huge change, I just fell ill. His sister, too, couldn’t stand this kind of stimulation, and began to become a devout Christian, chanting scriptures every day, and then praying to God to save them. But these escapes and prayers can’t actually change reality.

The reality of their family is that the black slaves also ran away, and the food and livestock were taken away by the army. Then their family wants to eat and live. Scarlett jumped out at this moment. He took on the heavy responsibility of the life of a family to maintain the survival of the family. Then he is also particularly stressed. His solution was that there was a very famous plot in that novel, and he hid a bottle of brandy in the closet. Because in the south of the United States girls drink. This is very taboo and very unreasonable. But he tasted a bottle of brandy. When he couldn’t bear the daily pressure, he secretly drank two glasses of brandy, and then told himself. Go to sleep, get up tomorrow morning, the sun will rise as usual, and it’s a new day. Maybe I will pass these difficulties tomorrow.

He uses such a way to quickly adjust himself. Let yourself not fall into depression. This is a bit like self-deprecating psychology, that is, I sum up this winner mentality has four forms.

The first is self-confidence. All winners are particularly confident.

The second is autonomy. All the winners think that my fate is my fate. I want to decide my own destiny, and I don’t listen to destiny.

The third is self-improvement. Just what I want to do, I must do the best. I am not worse than others, so I must be better than others.

The fourth is self-deprecating, a bit like Ah Q’s spiritual victory method requires learning to use self-deprecating ways to regulate his emotions.

Entrepreneurs live under the pressure of such an inhuman state. Many times your heart is actually unbalanced. Because what do you think? My share of shares is the same as the investor’s and the other’s share. He is my share of responsibility but far more than mine. Because you are guaranteeing investors’ bottom line, you give everyone the bottom line, and you make promises to everyone, so you have assumed responsibilities far beyond your responsibilities. At the same time you are the last line of defense, you have to solve all problems. At this time, it is normal for you to encounter setbacks. It is also normal for you to be depressed and emotionally suppressed. How can you quickly adjust yourself to a fighting state? This is an ability that an entrepreneur must possess. If not, then I believe that most entrepreneurs will suffer from depression.

You want to be alone in thinking about the company with your eyes closed 7 times 24 hours. The first is neurasthenia. Secondly, with so many grievances, so much pressure is likely to lead to depression. If neurasthenia and depression. You have not yet struggled, you have already fallen. Because a neurasthenia, a person who can’t rest well, how can he lead a group of unknown people. Go to the war constantly. How can a depressed patient lead an enterprise, chart the correct route, and reach the destination?

Therefore, although the life of entrepreneurs is under great pressure, as entrepreneurs, you must also know that entrepreneurship is the most beautiful way of life in peacetime. The road to entrepreneurship is very exciting and very fun. To enjoy life while starting a business. At the same time, you must learn to adjust your mentality, so that you can be truly happy and be in a state of passionate fighting. We can take our entrepreneurial road well.

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