Intel Alder Lake S processor appeared, 16 cores and 32 threads

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According to the current information, Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake series processors will adopt a mixed design of large and small cores. The large core is Golden Cove, which is now an upgraded version of Tiger Lake Willow Cove. The small core code is Gracemont, which is now Tremont. Upgraded version.

The processor shows only 1.38GHz main frequency and 24 logical threads. Of course, this is an ES version of the processor and cannot be used as a final reference result, but it does not rule out the possibility of detection errors. In addition to the 16-core 32-thread model, this series of processors will at least provide a 16-core 24-thread version .

Since the Alder Lake series processor has not been developed yet. If the 16C32T in the naming is not wrong, this indicates that the Intel Gracemont core will support Hyper-Threading (HT) technology.

Earlier news broke that the Intel Alder Lake-S series will have up to 8 large cores and 8 small cores, with a thermal design power consumption of up to 125W, a secondary cache of 12.5MB, and a tertiary cache of up to 30MB.

Intel’s Alder Lake series only supports hyper-threading technology for large cores, but not for small cores. In the eyes of users, Alder Lake-S will have the most 16 physical cores, 24 logical threads.

In other respects, Alder Lake will be replaced with an LGA1700 slot. It will support DDR5 memory on the desktop for the first time, with a maximum frequency of 4400MHz. Among them, Alder Lake-S supports a maximum of 128GB of DDR4–3200 memory and integrates Xe LP core display.

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