IOS 14.0.1 officially pushes to continue to fix the bug, the small component achievement fan favorite

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After the official release of IOS 14, our first suggestion is to persuade everyone to upgrade carefully. Based on past experience, every time a new system is updated, various problems will be encountered. However, it is usually a software problem. Many of them are caused by the failure of third-party developers to keep up with the adaptation speed, or some of the new functions of Apple have running problems on some old models. This year’s IOS 14 is also no exception. After the official version was launched, many netizens did feedback various small BUGs.

After the release of IOS 13 last year, it was even more called BUG OS, which was changed once a week at first. After this year’s IOS 14 was released, just a week later, Apple also launched the IOS 14.0.1 version. The update package from IOS 14 to IOS 14.0.1 is not very big, less than 200M. The focus of this update is to fix BUG.

According to the official information given by Apple, the size fixes mainly include the problem of the browser and mail settings being restored after restarting.

The camera preview cannot be displayed on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

The iPhone cannot access the LAN.

Cannot send emails through some email providers.

The problem that the news in the news widget cannot be displayed.

Judging from Apple’s first version update, the official software has not encountered many problems. It has been a week since the first version was released, and third-party developers have basically adapted it to this point. So interested users can also choose to upgrade. Remember to back up your data before upgrading.

The biggest fun of IOS 14 is actually that you can customize the desktop picture and layout.

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