iPhone 12 will be officially released in September

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There is no doubt that Apple is the third largest smartphone in the world. It has a firm grasp of the right to speak in the field of low-end and mid-range smartphones in the International market. It has also shown very strong confidence in hitting the high-end, showing us its ability as a international leader, and brand charm. It can be understood that, at present, the outside world very much hopes that Cook can come up with a product that is more convincing for consumers. The iPhone 12 Pro will be officially released in September, with triple fast charging + dual speakers, and the performance will be released.

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Judging from the current news summary, as one of Apple’s top flagships in the second half of the year, the overall strength of the iPhone 12 is remarkable, especially in terms of appearance, performance, and photography. As time gradually approaches, this mysterious flagship is gradually emerging, and its main parameters are gradually confirmed, and it is coming soon.

In terms of appearance, the iPhone 12 series will continue the notch design. The screen ratio on the front of the fuselage is basically the same as that of the iPhone X 4 years ago. However, with the continuous upgrading of technical indicators, there are more It is believed that this new technology will still attract many consumers. Supporting 120Hz screen refresh rate and 10bit primary color technology are also highlights that we should not ignore. As for the back, the iPhone 12 camera is still arranged in the form of a “bath bull” on the upper left corner. The logo is located in the center to indicate the position for wireless charging. The AG frosted glass rear shell avoids fingerprints, and it is closely attached to the relatively square stainless steel middle frame. Together, it is not a problem to meet the daily life waterproof and dustproof. There are six colors of black, white, blue, yellow, orange, and gold to choose from, which is quite powerful.

It is reported that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with the A14 processor based on the 5-nanometer EUV process technology. It is already a sure thing. It will also form a stronger synergy between the world’s first IOS14 system and the SOC, which will crush Kirin 990 and Snapdragon in performance. 865 has no pressure. This combination is sufficient for most of the daily applications. The frame rate stability of mainstream games should not be too picky. iPhone12 is also the first 5G Apple mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm X55 baseband, so that users can use it as the main machine and will not be eliminated in the next two to three years.

In addition, this year’s iPhone 12 will also focus on getting through the AR/VR ecological experience. The new LiDAR radar scanner can be used to further enhance autofocus. It is also speculated that the LiDAR sensor will improve the accuracy of portrait mode photos. Apple is improving low-light photography with faster autofocus and image stability. Smart HDR is also being upgraded to reduce the noise in the dark shooting environment. It will be equipped with a rear three-camera, which is still 12 million pixels. At the same time, the rear camera has been fully upgraded. With the latest LiDAR lens, it can achieve better portrait mode photography. , In the zoom function, 3x optical zoom and 30x digital zoom may be achieved, which are also extra points.

In general, under the strong cannibalization of Huawei and Samsung, Cook seems to intend to speed up the upgrade of iPhone12. Under the premise of strengthening its own software and hardware performance, add high refresh rate, 5G and other elements. If the price is really like the mainstream media forecast If the minimum is $845.15, it is still very touching and exciting.

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