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Although the iPhone has waterproof performance, it does not mean that it is really waterproof. If the phone gets water, it is recommended that you get an Apple authorized service center for inspection. Do you know how the Apple after-sales service center staff can check whether the iPhone has water Is it true? Today we teach you how to judge iPhone water in the after-sales service of Apple, and how to judge iPhone water in the after-sales service? Let’s look down together.

The iPhone or iPad malfunctions due to being immersed in liquids (such as coffee and other beverages), and it is not covered by the one-year limited warranty provided by Apple. However, users who have purchased the AC+ service plan have two accidental damage warranty services. Then Apple after-sales repair How do you judge that the iPhone has been exposed to water? iPhones manufactured after 2006 are equipped with a built-in liquid touch indicator that can show whether the device has been in contact with liquid.

The iPhone is equipped with a liquid contact indicator (LCI) that can be detected from the outside, and the LCI will display abnormalities when it comes in contact with liquid. As long as the temperature and humidity of the device’s environment meet the requirements, the LCI will not be activated. LCI is under normal conditions It is white or silver, and will completely turn red when exposed to liquid.

The above is about how to judge the iPhone’s water in the after-sales service of Apple. At the same time, this function can also help us determine whether the iPhone is damp. So how does the after-sales service of Apple judge the iPhone’s water? Have you learned? Hope the above content can Help everyone

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