iPhoneSE plus A14 bionic + dual-mode 5G + 312 million lenses, the price is very touching

The iPhone12 series has been on sale, and even many consumers who ordered earlier have already got the new phone. Now the mystery of the iPhone12 series has been completely solved. Although the iPhone12 has a lot to complain about, it is the latest The new models of the 5G series are still more intimate, after all, the price is not expensive. However, the news of an iPhoneSEplus has recently been revealed on the Internet. Although the specific price and time to market have not been disclosed, many consumers have been exposed to the configuration.

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This time iPhoneSEplus is an upgraded version of the second generation of iPhoneSE, a brand new 5G mobile phone. In terms of main performance, iPhoneSEplus will be equipped with A14 bionic processor, the performance is no different from iPhone12 series mobile phones, and there is no problem in running multitasking. The camera is still the style of Apple. It is reported that iPhoneSEplus will use a 12 million pixel main camera + 12 million pixel super wide-angle + 12 million pixel telephoto Yuba triple camera. This time the main camera has added optical image stabilization and also supports high frame rates. 4K video recording.

iPhoneSEplus also does a better job. It is dustproof and waterproof up to the IP68 level, which is not easy to be infringed. In terms of battery life, only the charging power is disclosed. It is reported that the iPhoneSEplus supports up to 30W wired fast charging and does not support wireless charging. In addition, the iPhoneSEplus is a dual-mode 5G mobile phone that supports four frequency bands, and the 5G network and signal are relatively stable. There is a gossip that the body of the iPhoneSEplus phone will use 2D glass, not the most advanced 3D glass.

The current iPhone12 series is in hot sales, but the configuration of iPhoneSEplus is not bad, there is no difference in performance, and the camera has reached a higher level, so iPhoneSEplus is an excellent 5G mobile phone. At the same time, iPhoneSEplus is a cost-effective 5G mobile phone. It is reported that the starting price of this iPhoneSEplus is 600 USD, which is lower than the price of the smallest iPhone12mini in the iPhone12 series.

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