Is the Angular JS framework still worth learning?

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More and more people are interested in learning to develop and build their own websites. If you are too, then 2018 will be an ideal year to improve your skills. We might as well start with the Java framework, but we will talk more about Angular JS in this article.

Angular JS is a web front-end framework written in HTML and Java, which can be used to write a page of Java applications. These applications can be used multiple times or slightly adjusted for future use.

Although, we do believe that deciding which Java framework is most suitable in terms of features and usability is an endless dispute. But we recommend learning Java first, then its framework, and learn all of these and try to write your pet projects.

Web applications in Angular JS can run more efficiently, because the user interface is dynamically updated by itself and does not rely on server support.

To understand whether the Angular JS framework is suitable for learning, please refer to the following elements about it.

1. Angular helps manage dependencies

Here we mention a term-dependency injection, SPA (Single Page Web Application) may be the best application scenario. In order to provide a native application experience, SPA temporarily provides dynamic loading time. With many dependencies, the performance of these applications can be improved on different modules and reduce the burden on the server, thus making the application faster and lighter.

2. Promote parallel development

Within Angular JS, developers can code and test independently without having to enter other environments. With the advent of Angular JS, patterns can be used in development and make JS easier to use.

3. No need to write MVC pipeline

Developers are looking for ways to reduce code lines or reduce code size. Angular JS has eliminated the need to develop an MVC pipeline.

4. Data Filter

The filter operates independently and helps to filter the data before it is viewed. Angular JS has many filters, which is why it provides more flexibility. For example, reverse text strings, paging, etc.

5. Highly accessible and integrated

Angular JS effectively integrates new features and is easy to access. In addition, it also provides a powerful means of maintenance. It takes a lot of time to debug the code at a critical juncture. Of course, developers hope to reduce the time spent in this area. The Angular framework is of great help to this.

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