Is United States wants to launch a new cold war? making America great again

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When the United States tried to piece together an “anti-China alliance,” an “anti-American tide” was also forming. Washington wanted to replicate the experience of winning the “Cold War”, that is, the Western camp isolated, infiltrated and deceived the Soviet Union through collective actions, and finally let this behemoth disintegrate.

The problem is that time has changed, and now is not the same year. The United States wants to repeat past experience, and the probability of success is zero. Now the US does want to launch a “new cold war,” but many allies have explicitly or implicitly displayed a “not following” stand. Not only that, but the United States’ perverse actions in recent years have lost many people’s hearts. The other side of “making America great again” is “making allies a dog again.”

To paraphrase a sentence”When you stare into the abyss, the abyss also stares at you.” When the United States builds its happiness on the pain of other countries, then other countries don’t mind joining the spontaneously formed “anti-American camp” Even the allies of the United States are no exception.

1. France, Germany, Italy and 3 European countries are “anti-American” in areas such as health

As the “dual core” of the European Union, France and Germany have decided to reduce their dependence on the United States in the military industry and strive to increase the autonomy of technology and parts. Behind this decision is the continued decline in the trust of France and Germany in the United States, and it is to prevent the United States from stealing data and adopting restrictive measures at will. Both France and Germany seek to occupy more shares in the international arms market and will not tolerate the US’s finger-pointing.

Not only in the military, but also in the health sector, France and Germany are not pleasing to the United States. According to Reuters, France and Germany have withdrawn from the WHO reform negotiations. The fuse was the United States’ attempt to lead this negotiation. Trump has clearly threatened to withdraw from the WHO, but still does not give up control. This kind of hegemony can’t even stand France and Germany! High-level people in Europe express their dissatisfaction directly no one wants a country that is about to withdraw from the WHO to formulate a so-called “common road map.” What’s more, this country is still the most failed country in the global fight against the epidemic, with a cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeding 5 million.

Italy also agrees with the positions of France and Germany. At the same time, the US is still hiding its ears, claiming that the “G7 countries” all support the WHO reform concept. Britain shook its head and refused to comment, only expressing support for the reform of the WHO.

The hegemony of the United States has forced the two core EU member states to accelerate their pursuit of European strategic autonomy. And when the US threatened to impose sanctions on a series of European countries and wanted to force European countries to abandon the “North Stream-2” natural gas pipeline, the split of the “Atlantic Alliance” was inevitable.

2. Canada and the United States started a “tariff war”

When the United States is a “licking dog”, the end result is a severe kick, even for Canada, the closest ally of the United States.

It is said that Canada has been obedient to Trump. The White House believes that the North American Free Trade Agreement has caused the United States to suffer the most, so it forced its two neighbors to resign. Canada endured it. But I didn’t expect that the United States would bully it endlessly when it picked up the soft persimmon, which made Canada intolerable.

The Canadian side “declared war” on the United States on August 7. If the United States insists on imposing a 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum products from August 16, then Canada will impose a total of 3.6 billion Canadian dollars on products exported from the United States to Canada. Tariffs for “peer retaliation.”

As for Trump’s determination that Canadian aluminum products threaten the “national security” of the United States, Canada sneered at this and directly criticized the United States as “ridiculous.” This was very rare in the past. In order to make a small profit, the United States does not even let it go, so does it want to build a “new cold war” grass platform? !

3. The Philippines accepts gifts from the United States, but opposes the U.S. drawing them into disputes

In July, the Philippines laughed at a “gift” from the United States-denying that the relevant waters belonged to a rising power. This is part of a strategy to contain China. Manila welcomes this, because only the United States continues to exert pressure on China to show the value of the Philippines.

However, the Philippines then opposed the US drawing it into the dispute. Duterte’s State of the Union address revealed this meaning: The Philippines is very weak, and no one dares to offend it.

The Philippines is an ally of the United States. When Duterte prohibited the US military from returning to the Subic Bay military base and the Philippine military from participating in maritime military exercises held by countries such as the United States, Japan, Australia and other countries, they have actually been biased against the United States. Of course, Duterte’s statement is “pursuing independent diplomacy.”

At the same time, the Philippines also stated clearly that it would not follow the United States to ban TikTok, which is popular among the people. This is another clear signal, that is, some kind of dissatisfaction with the dark measures adopted by the US.

It is very dangerous for the United States to decide whether other countries have the “right to development” and “right to rise.” The U.S. resorted to insidious tricks to TikTok, proving that it is impossible to “do business well and make a fortune by ability”. The hegemonic United States may choke industrial products that do not belong to its own country at any time as long as it is willing, and it will also swing its “butcher knife” at those foreign companies that are more competitive than American companies.

For those countries or companies that try to catch up with the United States, Washington has only given two paths-either complete death or complete control. TikTok is faced with such a choice, no matter how to choose it is a dead end. The United States did this to Toshiba, it did to Alstom, and now it’s Huawei and TikTok’s turn.

The current world order is established and presided over by the United States. However, due to the decline in relative power, Washington is often at a disadvantage in terms of normal competition. Therefore, it simply lifted the veil of disguised well before and directly sacrificed “those who follow me and those who oppose me” “Death” trick. The United States has abandoned the principles of market economy and fair competition, which has greatly weakened the trust of many countries in the United States and harmed the interests of most countries in the world.

The former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State William Roop recently published an article in the “Washington Post”, stating that the U.S. simply cannot win the “new Cold War” against China alone. At the same time, none of its allies in Asia and Europe will support the U.S. launch. The “new cold war” is even more reluctant to stand in line, because the confrontation between the two powers is not in the interest of the US allies.

It is undeniable that the United States is still the only superpower in the world, and there is still no country that can challenge the hegemony of the United States alone. However, the US allies system that used to be an ambassador is not working well. This is actually an important signal. Wait another 20 years, the world will be very different.

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