Looking at PaaS from a technical perspective

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The first step, from a single enterprise perspective, PaaS is a business generator . This thing has existed for many years. Its core capabilities include freely combined business modules, drag-and-drop process editors, and simple scripting languages , Can build various applications for enterprises.

The second step is to move this business generator to the cloud to achieve parallel use by multiple companies. It is necessary to increase the “multi-tenant” architecture capability the upper layer supports different versions of SaaS, and the bottom layer supports the adaptation of different cloud platforms. An operation and maintenance system is needed to manage different configurations of different enterprises. This is the so-called PaaS.

What is the core value of PaaS

Value to customers: To meet the customization needs of enterprises, realize faster and more stable operation.

Value to manufacturers : As containerization matures, cost boundaries will appear, and project gross profit will continue to increase, but the sad thing is this value exists in the United States but does not exist in Europe, because Europe’s customized projects are based on “If you pay, Party A will not pay for the value of PaaS . This is the fundamental reason why Europe’s PaaS investment is large and the returns are poor.

What can’t be constructed by PaaS

The special front-end interface and PaaS interface customization are all standard controls. It is not easy to use high-frequency operations and scenarios that require special controls. For example: CRM telemarketing, field work, ordering and other scenarios, the experience is not compatible with the product Comparable to the modernized SaaS

For complex back-end business, PaaS relies on drag-and-drop to build business processes. When encountering complex data and super-multiple nodes, they often get blinded , such as ERP’s hundreds of parameters and node production processes at the same time, it encounters large-scale. The batch calculation of HR can also cause performance problems , for example HR calculation of salary of several thousand people with dozens of parameters.

Where is the market for PaaS

One way is to compete with SaaS. Some PaaS competes with SaaS . For example, a CRM SaaS vendor uses PaaS to customize the purchase, sales and inventory to snatch the market of ERP vendors some PaaS cooperates with SaaS . Customization of product fields has become a gap application between SaaS, such as the connection between ERP and CRM

There is another way to go industrialization and evolve into a business middle-stage , to industrialize business modules and business processes, such as focusing on membership, payment, shelf and other modules, docking various e-commerce platforms, and becoming a retail middle-stage.

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