Nvidia RTX A6000 series workstation graphics card

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Like the Tesla computing card brand a few years ago, Nvidia has confirmed that Quadro, a professional graphics card brand, has been streamlined by it. Looking forward to the future, this series of graphics cards will follow the naming conventions like Nvidia RTX A6000 and Nvidia A40.

However, for many people, it is clear that the professional card market will not disappear and the revenue is quite substantial. Why did the company choose to downplay the Quadro brand at this time?

Previously,media speculated that this may be related to the increasing overlap between Nvidia’s professional graphics card and computing card product lines. Facts now prove that such intuition is quite sharp.

After all, as Nvidia continues to expand into the computing market, the difference in features and pricing between its professional graphics cards (ProViz) and computing products is getting smaller and smaller.

In order to avoid potential confusion among customers about different product lines, NVIDIA’s merger and streamlining of sub-brands are also forgiven.

For example, when you need a desktop computer with active cooling to run the neural network, you can directly refer to the ProViz product line without having to entangle on the Quadro professional card as before.

The same situation is mentioned in the example based on the Tesla V100 accelerator card, even if its configuration is not part of Quadro.

In the end, ProViz will quickly integrate with the computing market. Even if the two have their own specific needs, at least the underlying hardware is still the same.

After combining the two into a single product line, NVIDIA can still meet the different graphics processing and computing needs of professional/commercial customers.

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