OPPO Watch ECG version evaluation experience professional ECG detection anytime, anywhere

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OPPO Watch ECG version was officially released at the 2020 OPPO Developer Conference. According to reports, as a new generation of OPPO health ecology, the OPPO Watch ECG version supports professional ECG testing.

In terms of appearance, OPPO applied the hyperbolic screen on its flagship phone to the watch for the first time, bringing a rounded feel and a visual tension that surpasses reality. It also brings an ultra-high screen ratio of 72.76%. For the fuselage, it uses 316L stainless steel with a silver color.

On the screen, the OPPO Watch ECG version is equipped with more wear-resistant Corning GG3 glass, using a 1.91-inch AMOLED 3D flexible square screen with a screen resolution of 402*476 and a PPI of up to 326. In daily use, even under strong outdoor light, the screen information can be clearly seen.

In terms of dial and strap, the OPPO Watch ECG version provides different materials, different color straps and rich dials to meet the needs of different aesthetic users. What’s more interesting is that you can take a picture of your daily wear with your mobile phone, and use artificial intelligence image algorithms to generate a fashion dial that matches the style of your clothes, eliminating the trouble of matching.

In addition, the OPPO Watch ECG version also has a self-developed one-key removal function, which can quickly remove the strap, which saves time and effort compared with other brands of smart watches.

In terms of system, the OPPO Watch ECG version is equipped with the Android-based ColorOS Watch system, and provides a built-in APP + software store for online download, and supports a wealth of third-party applications.

OPPO Watch ECG version supports NFC access card function. It supports NFC/Alipay QR code public transportation card payment, and now supports subway buses in 270+ cities across the country.

In terms of communication, the OPPO Watch ECG version supports independent eSIM communication with the three major domestic operators, and supports one-number multi-terminals. The watch can also receive mobile phone calls and messages, and can make independent calls and independently access the Internet. Incoming calls, text messages, and application messages resonate synchronously. You will not miss important calls and first-hand messages without your mobile phone when you go for a run or walk.

OPPO Watch ECG version has a built-in precision professional ECG detection sensor, which can provide accurate ECG detection data. On this basis, the OPPO Watch ECG version can also provide professional ECG analysis and interpretation, and realize the detection of a variety of common arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation and premature beats. In addition, the OPPO Watch ECG version will support the upgrade of the family care mode in the future to help users keep abreast of the health status of family members so that they can know the first time when a family member has a sudden health problem.

It is also very convenient to operate, we only need to check according to the display on the watch. It can be easily operated by both young people and older people. In addition, the data generated by the detection can be uploaded to the National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center for expert interpretation.

In addition to the ECG function, the OPPO Watch ECG version also supports professional-grade sleep heart rate detection. It can monitor the heart rate all-round, and monitor the length of deep sleep, light sleep, and wakefulness every night, and actively push last night’s sleep report after waking up every day.

In terms of sports mode, the OPPO Watch ECG version is equipped with five professional motion sensors and supports GPS + Beidou positioning, which can accurately locate the position of the motion track, accurately measure the exercise heart rate, and calculate the daily state of the exercise. In addition, it also supports 12 kinds of sports mode selection, professional and caring.

In terms of battery life, the OPPO Watch ECG version has a self-developed dual-engine power battery life architecture, using Qualcomm Snapdragon and Apollo dual chips, taking into account high performance and low power consumption requirements. In addition, it also uses the newly developed Watch VOOC flash charging technology, which can be fully charged in 75 minutes and can reach 46% in 15 minutes.

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