Over View of Machine Learning and its Applications

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The Machine learning is a field of computer science evolved after studying the patterns and statistics of accumulative data, the data engineers / developers with help of specific algorithms for different data pattern sort out the features differences while as we already know before machine learning financial experts use statistical approaches on accumulative data and to rule out the management decision on organizational behavior and its directions. Following are some basic types of machine learning cases.

Navigating to Mars

Cancer predictions

Shortest Naval Path

Financial fraud

Social behavior

Most of the machine learning tasks divide into type types 1) Supervised 2)Unsupervised,


In this type of machine learning the algorithms trained on predefined set of data the developer well know the possible outcome but not sure the accurate result the common example is regression on different patterns of data.


This category is more complicated than supervised in this category the programmer always filter out the identical features among pattern of data common example is classification of same features objects.


The common applications in machine learning are PC and mobile games, financial logs, social networks, big retailers, image classification and many more awaited for implementations.

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